Food Retailing

POS Sales Promotion and Set-up

for the food retail trade

POS Sales Promotion and Set-up

for the food retail trade

POS Sales Promotion and Furnishing for the Food Retail Trade

In food retailing, the point of sale plays a crucial role as this is the place where customers make their purchasing decisions.

Typical areas include shelves, checkout area and counter area. To promote sales at these locations, it is important to present products in an appealing and convincing way.

We are your reliable partner for sales promotion and equipment in food retailing. As a manufacturer, we can also customise many of our products according to your individual needs and produce customised displays.
Solutions at the POS

Solutions at the PoS

Solutions for an
effective presentation of goods

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Digital Signage in Food Retailing

Articles for visualisation at the "point of sale" make your products stand out in a special way. From touch monitors and monitor holders to video payment plates and info points, modern electronic sales promotion has found its way into shops! Here you can get digital signage solutions from the experts.

What is Important in Food Retail Sales Promotion?

  • Attractive product presentation
  • Correct product placement
  • Visual attention through eye-catching displays
  • Order and uniform structure
  • Inviting ambience

Digital Price Labelling for your Company

The introduction of modern price labelling brings considerable advantages in food retailing. Control your prices centrally from the workstation and implement price changes within seconds. Switching over makes price labelling easier and saves labour costs.
ESL fixings

The Advantages of Switching to Digital Price Labelling:

  • Constant product and price updates
  • Central control 
  • Optimal stock management
  • Modern appearance
  • Immediate or scheduled updates
  • Secure data transfer
  • Simple inventory control
  • Extensive mounting solutions
  • Energy-saving e-paper technology
  • Future-proof solution
POS Displays

We produce your individual POS display with an unmistakable recognition effect.

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Your Partner for Sales Promotion

For over 35 years, we have been your reliable partner for sales promotion around the point of sale - on site for you worldwide.

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