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POS Promotion for the Food Retail Trade

Sales Promotion in the Food Retail Trade

In food retail, point of sale displays play an important role. The point of sale is the place where the customer decides on whether they should buy a certain product, or alternatively where the purchase of the customer takes place. Typical areas are shelves, checkout areas or near a counter. To promote sales in these locations, products must be displayed in a promotional and convincing manner.

What is Important for Sales Promotion in the Food Retail Sector?

  • Appealing product presentation
  • Proper product placement
  • Striking, eye-catching displays
  • Ordered and uniform structure
  • Inviting ambience

    Our POS Solutions for the Food Retail Trade

    Individual POS Displays for Supermarkets

    As a manufacturer of many sales promotion products, we'll produce your individual POS displays with an unmistakably recognisable effect.

    Quality – made in Germany

    We produce a large number of our goods at our headquarter in Germany

    High quality materials

    We value quality

    Innovative technology

    We use the latest machinery and proven techniques

    Our Success

    For over 30 years, we have been your reliable partner for sales promotion around the point of sale.

    30 years

    26 countries

    870 employees

    > 15.000 sales promotion products

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    Do you need personal advice?

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