Discover Shopfitting Systems for your Shop Fitting

Shopfitting systems are suitable for a quick and high-quality furnishing of your salesroom. The systems can be individually adapted to your premises and offer versatile possibilities for the presentation of goods. Get to know our construction systems better and decide on your favourite!

Shopfitting Systems for your Industry

A corresponding system makes your shopfitting fast, uniform and of high quality. The individual elements of the system can be redesigned and rearranged again and again. In this way, your interior remains changeable and attractive for your customers. Due to the flexible use, the systems can be applied to different industries.

Not only classic blister packs find space on the presentation and shelf systems. Due to a wide suitability as well as a large selection of accessories, different goods can be displayed attractively. Your shop fitting can also be quickly adapted to new assortments or special product groups.

Use the various systems to present your goods and services in a sales-promoting way. Display the products on hooks, on floor displays or individually tailored brand displays. We provide you with various answers to the question of creative and functional shopfitting.

Systematic and high-quality Shopfitting

Individual and flexible design

Can be used for Sales Promotion in the long term

Sales Promotion with System

Shop fitting is a decisive variant in the area of your marketing. You can influence your success with attractive and modern shop fittings. Direct the eyes of customers to certain articles, or design selected walkways in your salesroom.

A system makes it easier for you to implement and manage an intelligent and appealing shop fitting. Choose a shopfitting system to systematically furnish your premises. The individual components of the system can be put together exactly according to your wishes.

The result is a shop fitting that is individually tailored to your company. With this, you can fully utilise your sales area and adapt the presentation of your goods as you wish. The assembly and use of the systems is also uncomplicated. Conversion or expansion is possible at any time.

Another advantage of the systems is their durability. Due to the constant adaptability of the shop fitting, it can be used for furnishing in the long term. At the same time, it does not lose any of its attractiveness and high quality. Invest in one of our shopfitting systems and benefit from a long and flexible use for your shopfitting.

Shopfitting Systems made of Aluminium, Metal and more

In the course of successful sales promotion, shopfitting also plays a decisive role. For this reason, we not only offer you various systems for shopfitting. You will also find a large selection of accessories in our webshop. Choose the right system and expand it with the help of shelf edge rails, hooks or illuminants.

Create a comprehensive shopping experience for your customers. You can achieve this goal with our shopfitting system in combination with the appropriate accessories. In addition to the following list of shelving systems, we can also assist you with many other products. When it comes to implementing your concept, we are the right address from basic equipment to finishing.

Metal Shop Fitting System

High-quality pegwalls are equipped with various pegwall hooks or other holders. They are used for the attractive presentation of goods at the point of sale. Pegwalls are available as counter displays, floor displays, wall hangers or rotating displays. You can design these exclusively according to your ideas with the available accessories.

Freely designable Slatwalls

A slat wall is already a popular component of shop fittings in many businesses from different sectors. The walls can be designed and used flexibly. They can be tailored exactly to your products through a large selection of accessories. At the same time, the displays are available in different sizes, colours, variants or even printable.

EasyCubes - Modular Product Presentation with a System

The EasyCubes presentation system consists of only three parts. Nevertheless, it can be combined into countless variants and models. The individual elements can be reassembled within a very short time. This system is not only suitable for stationary use, but can also be used on the move.

Your prices perfectly in sight

No matter which shop fitting system you choose, the price labelling of your products always plays a decisive role. We supply you with various products so that price labelling on the shelf is also successful. Choose from various shelf edge rails, hooks with price pockets or articles for discount labelling.

The right Shelving System for your goods

With one of our shelving systems you can display different goods. Here you have the choice between different shelf types and materials. In addition to shoe or bottle racks, you will find other product racks and shelf types to equip your salesroom. Discover the right shelving system for your products now.

Shopfitting with Trusses

Trusses are also perfect for skilfully implementing your own ideas. The robust and stable aluminium trusses can be assembled into entire systems. You can choose between 1-, 2-, 3- or 4-point trusses. The elements can be easily combined with corresponding angles, T-pieces or box corners.

Tailor-made Shopfitting System from the Manufacturer

Most shopfitting systems have a sleek look to effectively highlight your products. They function as merchandise displays and usually present several items on the shelf. With the help of shelf advertising, brand awareness can be increased here.

This is different with individually designed POS displays. Here, the product display is specifically designed in the corporate design or brand design. In this way, the customer's attention is drawn to the display and your brand from afar. In the best case, they will already recognise it and head for the display.

Various merchandise displays or shelf displays can be individually designed from our range. Simply send us an enquiry. Let us convince you of the different solutions of our production and finishing. We will be happy to advise you from the planning stage through to the implementation of your projects.

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