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A consistent concept is recommended for an appealing shop design. Your customers will quickly find their way around and at the same time you will increase the recognition value. The right atmosphere will make your customers feel comfortable and stay longer in your shop. In addition to the right atmosphere, the eye-catching communication of offers is also important.

What is Important in Shop Fitting?

Signs and posters that are strikingly designed, for example through their shape and colour, are quickly noticed by your customers and visitors. Clever placement also allows customers to discover other products that they might otherwise have overlooked.

In our range, you will find a variety of products that can help you with the topic of shopfitting. These include lighting systems for shelves, products for product presentation, shelf labelling and shop fittings. A uniform concept is particularly advantageous for the design of the shop. The EasyCubes goods presentation system combines continuity with flexibility in this area.

The FlexiSlot® slat wall system includes floor displays, presentation systems and counter displays and ensures a uniform appearance.

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Sustainable Presentation of Goods

The slat wall systems are also available in a sustainable version. The products are marked accordingly in our shop.
RENA labelling
Recycled Sign
Nature Leaf

Use of Visual Marketing

Visual merchandising in shopfitting is of great importance because it transfers the concepts of corporate identity and corporate design to the salesroom. A uniform design according to the same concept in all branches strengthens the recognisability of your company.

Shop windows and displays are particularly important to present your products in the best possible way. A creative and inspiring presentation of your products is crucial to attract customers. Colours, materials and lighting play a central role in this.

A specific mood or atmosphere can be created through the targeted use of colours and lighting. Different materials help to underline the value of the respective product and create an appealing look.

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Digital Signage for Shop Fitting

Articles for visualisation at the "point of sale" make your products stand out in a special way. From touch monitors and monitor holders to video payment plates and info points, modern electronic sales promotion has found its way into shops! Here you can get digital signage solutions from the experts.

Individual Displays and Special Solutions

We are your reliable partner for sales promotion and business equipment for the shop fitting sector. As a manufacturer, we can also customise many of our products according to your needs and produce individual displays. More examples »

Digital Price Labelling for Shop Fitting

Through the use of modern price labelling, shopfitting benefits from numerous advantages. The central control of prices from the workstation enables price changes to be implemented quickly within a few seconds. Switching to digital price labelling makes work easier and saves costs.
POS Displays

We produce your individual POS display with an unmistakable recognition effect.

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For over 35 years, we have been your reliable partner for sales promotion around the point of sale - on site for you worldwide.

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