Oktoberfest decorations - decorate your party the Bavarian way. In addition to the Oktoberfest decorations, you can also get beer tent tables, bistro tables and bar stools. Choose the blue and white Oktoberfest party decorations to create the right atmosphere at your Oktoberfest. Many of the articles can also be printed individually.
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Oktoberfest Equipment from VKF Renzel

A well-equipped Oktoberfest is the basis for a successful event. With the help of beer benches, bar tables and decorative items, you can furnish your marquee magnificently. The blue and white decorative items create a special atmosphere in the marquee. The euphoric atmosphere can also be transferred to other areas with the Oktoberfest decorations.

The wide selection of promotional items in Oktoberfest style means that various areas can be equipped with the items. Classically, the elements are often used for decoration in marquees or restaurants. Special menus, promotions or events can be perfectly promoted with the decoration.

With the help of eye-catching garlands, ceiling hangers or tablecloths, rooms can be attractively decorated with just a few items. The striking blue and white items directly create the desired atmosphere. Easy-to-fix ceiling hangers and garlands transform your rooms or marquees into small Oktoberfest tents.

We offer additional articles for successful advertising as well as for event equipment. With the appropriate event equipment such as tents, tables and chairs, your event can be equipped in Oktoberfest style. Various stands and digital advertising displays are suitable for advertising products or promotions.

Oktoberfest what do you celebrate and why?

The first Oktoberfest took place in 1810 and the original occasion was a wedding. Prince Ludwig I and his partner Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen were married.

In honour of this wedding, a large festival was held on the meadow now known as Theresienwiese. Since that year, the Oktoberfest has been celebrated regularly, with a few exceptions. Although it originated in Bavaria, the festival is now celebrated in all corners of Germany.

In keeping with the Bavarian coat of arms, the Oktoberfest decorations are blue and white. At Oktoberfests all over Germany, for example, you will always find the Bavarian rhombus. Pretzels, gingerbread and traditional costumes have also become an integral part of Oktoberfests outside Bavaria. And last but not least, of course, beer, which has always been a central part of Oktoberfest culture.

More about the history of the Oktoberfest »

Advertise successfully with blue and white Decorations

Thanks to the blue and white promotional items and giveaways, you can transfer the marquee atmosphere to your area of use. In addition, the seasonal event can be used to carry out promotions. Decorative articles in a set can be used to promote these in an appealing way. Use the seasonal event for visual merchandise promotions.

With the various articles, your shop window or point of sale can be decorated. You can show off articles to their best advantage with the blue and white decoration. The attractive and seasonal shop window design will score points with customers and attract additional attention.

The coordination of the decoration in your branch and your shop leaves a well-kept, committed impression on customers. The decoratively designed shop window makes passers-by stop and take a closer look at the display. Since the Oktoberfest season lasts several weeks, it is well worth the effort to change the shop window.

Make sure you have an attractive window display and get people to notice your product and services. Opticians and hearing aid specialists as well as retailers use Oktoberfest party decorations to add variety to the window. "Haircut or hairstyle allowed for next Oktoberfest?" A simple poster in the shop window, coordinated with the Oktoberfest articles, and your next shop window design is ready.

Blue and white Oktoberfest Decorations for your Event

Especially when promoting and designing events, you should rely on the typical blue and white decoration. People associate Oktoberfests with the Bavarian rhombus, pretzels and beer. With the help of these decorative items, you can easily transform a conventional marquee into an Oktoberfest marquee. These decorative items can be used for several days or weeks to decorate the event.

Use garlands, ceiling hangers and balloons to decorate the ceiling. Let the decorations float above the heads of the visitors and thus create a cosy and festive atmosphere. The ceiling danglers cannot be reached by visitors and are therefore usually reusable, unlike table decorations.
Oktoberfest Decoration Blue White Paper Flag
Due to the well-known images of the Munich Wiesn, decorative wreaths are particularly popular alongside the typical flag chains. The paper wreaths in Bavarian colours can be hung above tables and counters at any height. Like many other decorative items, they are flame retardant and therefore suitable for safe use at events.

For decorating the tables and counters, covers, tablecloths and streamers are available. With an appealing table decoration, they make the picture perfect. Create the desired atmosphere at the table with the help of decorative table elements. In addition, you can delight visitors with the display of scatter articles in the Germany or Bavaria design.

Party Deco - individually printed

Are you looking for decorative items with an additional branding effect? Would you like to specifically promote your brands during the Oktoberfest period? With our in-house print shop, we are happy to offer you the opportunity to custom print Oktoberfest giveaways. Print the promotional item with logo or motif.

In addition to the giveaways and promotional items, covers and tablecloths can of course also be printed individually. This way you can use the entire counter and table area to market your products. Draw attention to your food & beverage offer with a printed counter cover. By advertising your food and specials on the tables, you can boost visitor consumption.

Equip your Oktoberfest professionally now

The Oktoberfest decorations are various decorative items in the colours blue and white. The garlands, give-aways, flag chains and more are versatile. Of course, they are ideal for decorating marquees and events accordingly. But the products are also suitable for promotion at the Point of Sale or in shop windows.

Because Oktoberfests can be found everywhere in Germany, the number of Oktoberfest fans has increased significantly. People are jumping on the trend not only inside but also outside Germany. Appeal to Oktoberfest fans by designing your shop window or PoS. The articles can be used to create effective advertising presentations of products and services.

Choose our Oktoberfest decoration articles to use the Wiesn atmosphere to promote your products. We provide you with a variety of products with which you can decorate your event, office or shop. We will be happy to help you choose the right products with or without printing.

Ensure a good atmosphere and a successful event with the appropriate decoration. With the blue and white decoration articles, you can transform your location into an Oktoberfest with just a few resources. Take advantage of the various decorations for your sales promotion now. Put together the right Oktoberfest accessories as a mix now.
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