Countdown until the Opening of the Football UEFA Euro 2024

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Here you will find a selection of the most popular fan merchandise for the European Football Championship 2024. For an atmosphere like in the stadium. Discover decorative items and fan sets to support the German team. We are happy to print the UEFA 2024 merchandise individually with your desired motif.
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The Best Germany UEFA Euro 2024 Fan Gear

Here you will find our top articles for the next football event. We have made a selection of the 7 best and most popular fan articles for you. Choose one of these European Championship fan articles or discover many other articles in our online shop.
  1. Car Flag "Germany" - so that everyone on the streets sees that the UEFA Euro 2024 starts
  2. Face Paint "Germany" - popular with all cheek-kissers - kiss left, kiss right - already the best friend is a real Germany fan
  3. Clapper Hand - not only for cheering on - a must for all annoying people
  4. Garland "Laola" - goes with any outfit and looks pretty
  5. Waving Hand "Germany" - for all sight blockers; insider tip: can also be used as a sunshade
  6. Vuvuzelas - for an intense and realistic stadium atmosphere

Weitere beliebte Fußball Fanartikel im Deutschland Look

Germany flag for the car window

Euro Flags

from paper flags to fan flags

Ideal for flag waving, hanging or decoration.

Vuvuzela in German colours for the UEFA Euro 2024

Vuvuzelas and more

perfect for cheering along during the match

The vuvuzelas and clapping hands are popular giveaways for fans of all ages.

Germany UEFA Euro Fan Scarf

Fan Hats and Clothing

Black Red Gold from head to toe

Clothing and hats in the German look complete the outfit.

Black red yellow fan make-up as a promotional item

Germany Fan Face Paint

a real must-have for every World Cup and European Championship

With the fan make-up, everyone can quickly become a Germany fan.

Germany Fan Pack with Backpack Bag

Football Fan Sets

the complete equipment in one set

In the sets you will find popular fan articles, the complete equipment for the tournament.

fan gear car magnet germany flag

Fan Gear for the Car

show your colours on the road

You can also decorate the car with magnets, stickers and flags.

Fan Gear for the UEFA Euro 2024

The next big football tournament is coming up and offers great potential in the area of sales promotion. With the help of promotional items, decorations and fan sets, you can appeal to the sport-loving Germans. By decorating shop windows or with black, red and gold giveaways, you can generate attention for your company and your products.

By using football fan merchandise, you are not only appealing to true football fans. The major international tournaments generate a lot of interest and various events. With appropriate promotions, you can also use the attention of the tournament for your sales promotion. Start customer promotions, competitions or introduce new products.

Football-inspired products and promotions go down great during the tournament. You can run discount promotions in connection with the German victory. Especially sporting goods, drinks and food related to the German team can be perfectly promoted with the fan merchandise.

Decoration in Black Red Gold

Not only in the shop window, but also at the Point of Sale, the merchandise is suitable for decoration. Above the product shelf, at the checkout or at consultation desks, fan articles can be used to show solidarity with the German team. With appropriate decoration, the euphoric mood of the tournament can also be used for visual merchandising.

In the past, the German team has often done well in tournaments and played for a long time. This gives you a corresponding planning security when changing the shop decoration. With the help of flag chains of the participants, you can decorate quite neutrally in the spirit of the football event.

Fan Gear: Advertise internationally

With the items in our online shop, you can not only support the German team. With international flags, you can neutrally promote the football event. Use the different flag chains to support your favourite or several participants.
With just a few decorative items, you can transform your shop window, display or product display into a real eye-catcher. You can use the Germany decorations at events, as giveaways for your home or for decorating your shop window. Discover garlands, flags or covers and tablecloths as decoration for the next European Championship.

Euro Fan Set for your Customers

It is best to surprise your customers with a European Championship fan package shortly before the start of the tournament. At that time, most Germans have already got wind of the upcoming tournament and events. At the same time, however, most of them have not yet started preparing and equipping themselves with fan gear. This is exactly the point at which you can pick up your customers with Germany fan merchandise.

The decorative items and small fan sets are perfect as give-aways at events. You can hand out the sets when a certain merchandise value is reached or when entering a public viewing. Due to the broad interest in the sporting events, the football fan articles can be used by many industries.

Printed with your logo, you ensure an additional advertising effect when handing out the fansets. With your logo, the decorative and coveted fan gear will be associated precisely with your company. With the fan sets, you offer your customers the full event equipment in one set. Discover compact or comprehensively equipped fan packs as promotional items for your company.

The next major international Football Tournaments:

2023: Women's World Cup in Australia and New Zealand

2024: European Men's Football Championship in Germany

2025: European Women's Football Championship in Switzerland

2026: Men's World Cup in USA, Canada and Mexico
Germany fan gear pennant chain black red gold

Football Merchandise for the next big Sport Event

Every year, a different international football tournament awaits us. The men's and women's tournaments alternate. At the moment, the women play their European and World Championships in odd years like 2023 or 2025. The next men's World and European Championships will take place in 2024 and 2026.

The World Championships and European Championships in football are held with a 4-year interval in between. This makes it possible to advertise again and again with decorative items and fan articles. Thanks to the high-quality promotional items in our range, they will certainly still be usable at the next tournament.

Discover the matching Germany decorations or the black red and gold fan set for the next upcoming tournament. We offer a wide range of fan gear with the option of branding. We will be happy to advise you on the implementation of a logo print on the item you require.

Do you need a fan package for your event or public viewing? We offer complete fan article sets at special prices. Please contact us!

We are happy to advise you:

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