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Versatile Poster Displays for every Application

You would like to place your poster effectively? We can provide you with the right display to set the scene for your poster. Depending on the area of use, the poster displays must be positioned flexibly. On the one hand, the area of application or the options for mounting play a role.

Advertising with posters can take place anywhere and so our products are also versatile. You can advertise on the floor, on the wall, in a shop window or even on the pavement.

Another important factor in advertising with print media is visibility. In addition to a high-quality display, presentation at viewing height becomes an important factor. Equipped with additional LED lighting, your posters remain visible even in the dark.

Large Assortment - large Selection

With our assortment we offer you many possibilities in the presentation of print media. In many different categories, which we present below, you will find poster holders in various designs.

Making the right choice

In the course of the large selection, it can be difficult to find the right item. To make the selection easier, you should focus once again on the criteria that the product should have before making your choice.

Where do you want to display your posters? Should the display be suitable for indoor and outdoor use? If the display is also to be used outdoors, it needs to have a waterproof exterior. At best, it should even have UV protection, such as UV varnish.

While there are fewer options for mounting outdoors, there are hardly any limits indoors. Poster displays can be set up in the room or placed on a counter. In addition, they can be suspended from the ceiling or mounted on the wall.

Illuminated products are suitable for advertising around the clock. A frame with LED lighting not only advertises in daylight, but also attracts attention in the dark.

All products are easy to handle. This feature allows posters to be exchanged and quickly changed at any time. So you can always have new posters printed or use old ones again and again and advertise in a cost-saving way.

Poster stands for your posters

One option for cost-saving advertising is our durable poster stands. In this category you will find various floor stands in which your print media are optimally protected. Media in sizes from A4 to A0 count as suitable insertion format here.

In addition to various poster floor stands, you will also find table or counter stands. They are available with single-sided, double-sided or even multi-sided advertising space. The entire advertising space can be loaded quickly and easily. The media can be changed in the poster stand category mostly by means of a slide-in or folding function.

Many of these articles can be extended with accessories such as a brochure compartment. This way, flyers or brochures on a certain topic can be brought directly to the customer without much effort.

poster stand with sale poster
pavement display to hold posters

Advertise with A-boards and WindSigns

What is the difference between poster stands, A-boards pavement displayss and WindSigns? Compared to poster stands, A-board pavement signs are usually ideally suited for outdoor use. The popular WindSigns in particular can withstand any wind and weather.

In contrast to the WindSigns, the pavement display signs are classic A-boards that are easy to erect and stow away again. But both types of poster displays are perfect to be used in front of your store.

The outdoor stands offer two advertising spaces. This means that passers-by can be addressed with the front and the back of the product. Placement at an entrance and exit makes it possible to welcome and say goodbye to visitors at the same time.

Advertise with poster frames and pockets

In addition to the various floor stands, there are many other variants for displaying your promotional posters. Frames and pockets are suitable for many of these variants. In addition to protecting your content, these items are versatile. They can be used everywhere. Due to the light weight of these poster displays and the large selection of accessories, they can be easily attached in many places. Bases and tubes are available so that the poster frame can also become a floor stand.

In addition to the floor advertising, the presentation on the wall or on the shelf is possible. For this purpose, the poster frame is attached to the shelving system with a wall bracket or a poster pocket with adhesive is simply attached to a smooth surface. Wire suspensions or poster rails are also available to enable suspension from the ceiling.

Choose poster frames and pockets to attract attention anywhere. They range from small sizes, such as A6, through A3 and A2, to A1 size.


Poster pocket with Sale poster

Putting posters in the spotlight

You don't want to limit yourself to advertising during daylight hours? For round-the-clock advertising, we recommend our LED light frame poster displays. They ensure even and high-quality illumination of your posters, putting them in the spotlight.

Illuminated objects have a high attention value, which you can use to your advantage. On the one hand, the illumination enables you to advertise by day and by night. Especially in winter, when the days are getting shorter and shorter, advertising with an illuminated function is recommended. On the other hand, the light gives the insert a special charm even in daylight.

Daylight can often vary according to the time of year and the time of day and can set advertising media off differently. With lighting, you can counteract this and ensure an even presentation of your posters.

Poster holders with LED lighting are available for both indoor and outdoor use. The articles often find their place in shop windows, on shop walls or outdoors.

Poster displays from the manufacturer

We manufacture many of our poster displays ourselves. We can realise customer wishes such as printing with a company logo or engravings on request. Simply ask us about these and discover your own personal possibilities in sales promotion.

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