The sack trucks made of aluminium and steel enable the comfortable transport of heavy loads. The hand trucks with solid rubber or pneumatic tyres have different load capacities.
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Stacking Trolleys for Parcels, Cardboard Goods and More

Stacking trolleys help you to transport different goods outdoors or indoors. This makes it easier to deliver goods to customers or move materials in the warehouse. Due to the lightness and versatility in the use of the hand trucks, they are used in various areas. Position the trolleys in the warehouse, workshop or delivery truck.

The hand trucks have a removable and replaceable toe plate. Cartons and goods can be stacked and transported on this. The high-quality castors make the trolleys easy to move.

The sack truck is easy to push even if you are shorter. Plastic handles on the trolley ensure comfortable handling.

Many smaller cardboard goods or even large objects can be transported with the trolleys. The handles and the corresponding leverage make the trolleys easy to tip. Thanks to the high-quality tyres, transport is pleasant and unevenness in the floor is cushioned. Discover hand trucks for use in transports in everyday work.

Simply transported faster

Heavy, bulky objects in particular are difficult to move. This often leads to incorrect lifting and, in the long term, to back problems due to the incorrect load. With the help of sack trucks, you can make transport not only more pleasant, but above all faster. This applies to all indoor and outdoor transport.

With the help of the transport equipment, various goods can be stacked on the toe plate. You can pile them up almost to the height of the hand truck. Of course, you should keep an eye on the total weight of the goods so as not to overload staff. In general, however, it can be said that sack trucks are extremely popular with employees because of their convenience.

If they are made available in the warehouse, they can always be used at short notice for unloading or loading. In this way, various transports and loadings are faster and more efficient. This is done by placing a larger quantity or even heavier products on the bucket of the hand trucks.

In the warehouse of electrical appliances, refrigerators can also be moved in this way. When delivering to a kiosk, you get the individual carton goods to the customer in one go. In the beverage delivery sector, too, the individual crates or can pallets can be stacked on the to plate. Score points with customers by delivering the goods to their doorstep.

Steel Stacking Trolleys

Our range includes sack trucks with different load capacities. The sack trucks with 200 kg or 300 kg load capacity are made of steel. A stable welded steel construction ensures a high level of safety when transporting loads. The powder-coated steel material is particularly durable and performs every work step with flying colours.

When transporting goods, the stacking trolley is tilted and the weight is held by the handle and the crossbars. Do you primarily want to move round objects? There are some models with round crossbars so that the safe transport of rolls and other articles is possible. In combination with the soft wheels, the crossbars also make it easier to set down the goods to be transported.

The wheels of the tubular steel trolley are optionally available with solid rubber or pneumatic tyres on plastic rims. The hub roller bearings ensure particularly smooth running. Choose a steel construction for a robust and stable hand truck.
Tubular steel truck with load
stacking truck loaded with wine crates

Aluminium Sack Truck with Toe Plate

Compared to the tubular steel truck, the tubular aluminium truck has the advantage of a low tare weight. Unloaded, the aluminium hand truck weighs only 9 kg and can carry up to 150 kg. Due to its low dead weight and high load capacity, the sack truck is particularly suitable for mobile use. The truck can be stowed in the back of the van for this purpose.

Once at the place of use, the last few metres to the destination can be bridged with the aluminium truck. This can help with everyday transport and delivery. Alternatively, the goods can be brought from the lorry or transporter to the exhibition stand, for example. Transport with hand trucks also ensures the safe delivery of work materials to events.

As with the tubular steel trucks, the sack truck ordered is delivered disassembled. The bucket can be screwed onto the respective hand truck. This means that the bucket can be replaced, e.g. in the event of damage.

With an aluminium hand truck, you can choose a lightweight and at the same time resilient hand truck. You can use it for transport at events or on the road.

Delivery to the Front Door with Hand Trucks

When it comes to delivery, the last mile is often the most problematic part of the route. This already problematic stretch shortly before delivery is also often complicated by parking problems. In addition, as a delivery service you could only park in the second row or have to park further away.

The distance that can now be covered can thus turn out to be longer than it actually would be. Instead of having to cover this distance individually for each package, a hand truck can help. With the help of the stacking trolley, several parcels can be brought to the front door. All in all, this makes transport faster and more convenient. The service of delivery to the door also helps you to score points with customers.

Use the stacking trolley in your daily work to make transport easier and more convenient. Discover the many different applications in your company alone. Rely on the high-quality and durable sack trucks from our range. Here with us you will find the appropriate steel or aluminium hand truck for your activity.
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