With the help of roller trolleys and sack trucks, you can facilitate the transport of even heavy loads in your company. Depending on the trolley, they have different load capacities. Choose the trolley with the appropriate load capacity for your area of application.
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Robust transport trolleys for your needs

The transport trolleys are used to transport goods of different sizes and various weight classes from A to B. The trolleys are easy to load, move freely and are particularly easy to handle. The trolleys are easy to load, freely movable and particularly easy to handle. High-quality wheels make the trolleys particularly mobile. They can be used indoors or outdoors to transport goods.

Equipped with pulling or pushing handles, the respective distance of the transport can be easily covered. By appropriately stacking the products to be transported, you can move a large quantity with one trip. For this purpose, you can also use tiered dollies. These models offer several surfaces for storing deliveries.

For your staff, this means an enormous facilitation of tasks. Several aisles and heavy loads can also be handled in one operation. At the same time, transport aids in your company ensure back-friendly work and make work processes more efficient and comfortable.

Opt for equipment with our transport trolleys to ensure pleasant transport. Our high-quality trolleys and sack barrows enable long-term use in your business. Ensure optimised processes and protect the health of employees by using such trolleys.

Various materials for safe and stable transport

Depending on the goods you want to move with the trolleys, different models can be considered. First and foremost, it is crucial that you choose a trolley with the appropriate load capacity. In our range, there are various trolleys that can carry loads of up to 600 kg.

Aluminium transport trolleys are impressive due to their low dead weight and comparatively high stability. The aluminium trolleys are manufactured in-house and can be individually designed. They are mainly used for transport in the gastronomy and catering sector.

The material stainless steel is characterised by its resistance to corrosion and abrasion. This ensures a high level of hygiene in the medical sector or when working with food. The durable stainless steel serving trolleys are particularly suitable for transporting restaurant containers and trays.

Among the most resilient transport trolleys are certainly those made of steel. The robust material not only ensures stability and safety, but also carries heavy loads. The steel is powder-coated in colour. This gives the classic platform trolleys their typical appearance.
Transport trolleys for gastronomy and the hotel industry

Transport Trolleys for Gastronomy

In the catering industry, trolleys are often used as kitchen aids and service trolleys. The size of these trolleys makes them ideal for transporting restaurant containers. The trolleys can be used for clearing buffets, transporting crockery or transporting food and drinks. The trolleys are available with several shelves.

Hygiene plays the decisive role when transporting food. By transporting on the stainless steel trolleys, you ensure the value and quality of the food. The material is resistant to rust or acids. You can use our transport trolleys made of high-quality stainless steel at your place of use without any problems.
The individual trolleys are equipped with smooth-running wheels and are easy to move around the restaurant, hotel or event. You can use the trolleys to transport materials, decorations or food to the respective destination. Once there, the two lockable castors ensure that your transport goods stand securely.

Especially at events or in outdoor areas, the trolleys offer additional storage space for crockery or the mise en place. After the event, the crockery and materials can be quickly moved away again. The trolleys not only facilitate use within your business. They also offer great potential for managing events and functions in a structured way.

Sturdy sack barrows for transport

Sack barrows are a perfect companion for use in everyday transport. The stacking trolleys with sheet steel buckets allow you to stack the deliveries on top of each other. Due to the smooth running with solid rubber or compressed tyres, the goods are transported quickly. The narrow and handy sack barrow are comfortable to use and easy to store.

The steel or aluminium trolleys are easy to store in the van or truck. So you always have the transport equipment with bucket ready for every use. Goods can be delivered directly to the customer, even if parking directly in front of the door is not possible. These transport trolleys can usually carry a load of 200 kg.
Transport of packages with sand truck
Due to the steel and stable welded construction, these models are also characterised by durability. Your staff will perform every task with flying colours with this sturdy transport trolley. You can even transport several packages or heavier loads on the hand truck with its wide base. 

Compared to other trolleys, the aluminium and tubular steel trolleys offer you particularly high mobility. For this reason, they are often used on the road. The appropriate tyres make them ideal for outdoor use, even on rough pavement. Use the trolleys for activities where mobility and speed of transport play a special role.
Transport trolley with two shelves

Trolley with high load capacity

Are you looking for a transport trolley for your workshop, warehouse or a heavy-duty magazine trolley? The sturdy steel platform trolleys enable you to use them safely in such areas of application. Tools, materials or entire deliveries can be transported with the trolley. The load is placed on the anti-slip surface of the trolley.

In addition to this surface, a platform trolley ensures the safety of the user and the load in several ways. According to the European standard DIN EN 1757-3, the safety of the trolleys is ensured. This includes, among other things, swivel castors and brakes on the castors, appropriate stability and all-round edge protection.
These trolleys with high load capacity are optimally suited for use in production or in the warehouse. Here, the trolleys are easy to use for loading or unloading company cars or bullies. The trolleys are also used to transport material for trade fairs and events or production.

You want to move heavy loads of up to 600 kg with a transport trolley? Then choose one of our steel trolleys for your area of application. You can choose from table trolleys, parcel trolleys and magazine trolleys.

Transport trolley: Facilitating work processes

As already described, transport trolleys are used in various areas. Due to their mobility, versatility and ease of handling, they are very popular. The equipment is gratefully accepted by the staff in the respective company. For your employees in particular, the trolleys mean an enormous relief.

By using the transport trolley, they save additional work steps and thus valuable working time. Such a trolley saves time and muscle power. The handles enable comfortable pulling or pushing of the transport trolley with high-quality wheels. Easily accessible parking brakes on the tyres ensure the safety of the employees as well as the goods.

Provide such a trolley in the warehouse, in production or in the branch. Your employees have the freedom to use it for all transport routes. They can take goods to the sales counter, material to the workbench or parcels to the dispatch department. Even over long or winding routes, transport with the trolley is pleasant.

Make previously cumbersome work steps or transport routes employee-friendly and easy on the back. The versatility of the use of transport trolleys is clearly undisputed. They are also suitable for mobile use in transport, events or trade fairs. In addition, the trolleys can be easily integrated into the workplace and used as additional storage space.

Transport correctly in your company

In order to transport properly in your company, we provide you with the right tool for internal transport. The individual trolleys have a load capacity of between 50 kg and 600 kg, depending on the model. The wide selection of articles allows you to choose the ideal model for your area of application. We will be happy to help you select the appropriate trolley, should you need or want advising.

Serving trolleys made of stainless steel, platform trolleys made of powder-coated steel or stacking trolleys are available. The high-quality models ensure a high level of safety and easy handling of the models. The aim is to prevent accidents through a high level of safety and intuitive operation. Depending on the model and place of use, a different level of safety is crucial.

In the catering industry, as mentioned above, the hygiene of goods and the safety of the staff are of primary importance. In addition to stability and locking castors, the use of stainless steel is a decisive factor.

The magazine and table trolleys have a higher load capacity than the serving trolleys just described. Hygiene certainly plays a subordinate role in the use of the trolleys. The priority here is that even heavy goods remain safely stored on the trolley. Therefore, these are equipped with non-slip surfaces and keep the transport "in position".

Load capacities up to 600 kg

High mobility due to appropriate tyres

Can be used in different areas

Benefit from our transport trolleys

Transport trolleys in your company mean happier employees, faster transports and more effective work organisation. You benefit from the use of trolleys in various ways. In addition, by purchasing high-quality trolleys, you ensure a professional appearance to the outside world. This appearance plays a role at trade fairs, events or deliveries.

By equipping your company with trolleys, you increase the satisfaction of your employees. The trolleys make the employees' work more pleasant and purposeful. Avoid staff aggravation by providing a sufficient number of trolleys. This way, each department can work independently.

Faster transports within your shop or workshop can be achieved by using the trolleys for a long time. Instead of the slower carrying of goods or several aisles, a transport trolley is the faster alternative. You pack all the items to be taken directly onto the trolley. Once you arrive at your destination, you can also directly take things with you again.

The more effective work design comes from the fact that valuable working time can be saved by transporting with the trolleys. This means that everyday work processes can be carried out more quickly. By using the appropriate means of transport, you also make work more pleasant and efficient in your area of operation. Benefit from the saving of working time and satisfied employees.

Individual fabrications for your transport

The individual trolleys can be further adapted to your needs with accessories. Serving trolleys can be optionally equipped with restaurant trays or waste containers. This means that waste can be disposed of directly on the service trolley and does not have to be collected unsightly on the shelf. With the help of trays, cleaning up the service trolley is quicker and tray-by-tray.

In addition to the stainless steel transport trolleys, other trolleys can also be designed with accessories. For example, the shovels of the sack trucks can be exchanged or picking trolleys can be further designed with wire baskets. With additional baskets and shelves, there is also room for other work equipment on the trolley.

In addition, as a manufacturer of aluminium trolleys, we offer you the option of customised production. In this way, you can also get transport trolleys in individual dimensions or displays with advertising print. Especially at events, you can draw potential customers' attention to your company by printing on the serving trolleys.

Can't find the right trolley for your company in our range? Please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help you find the right model. Alternatively, there is of course the possibility of a special production as well as individual printing of the transport trolleys.
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