Stainless steel serving trolleys offer a hygienic surface and make work much easier. With the help of the robust trolleys, even a heavy load can be moved comfortably from A to B. Kitchen trolleys are available in silver or black, with several shelves and including accessories.
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Stainless Steel Serving Trolleys

Stainless steel is used especially in the gastronomic or medical sector. The material avoids corrosion and abrasion that can occur through daily use. In this way, the surface remains resistant to rust or acids. This ensures special hygiene.

Perfect for use in health or food processing areas. The trolley can be used flexibly in your business. The nature of the product makes cleaning the models particularly easy. The stainless steel trolleys are available with several shelves.

You can transport dishes, food or drinks on a total of two or more surfaces. Because they are made of stainless steel, the clearing trolleys are not only hygienic to use, but also particularly robust. With the stable trolleys, even maximum loads of 75 kg or more can be pushed comfortably to their destination. Thanks to the versatile options for using the trolleys, they can be used in various areas.

ideal for Gastronorm Containers

customised designs possible

stainless steel surface

Tea Trolleys and Serving Trolleys for Your Staff

With the help of a kitchen trolley, you can save your staff annoying additional working trips. The trolleys offer a large surface area on several shelves for transporting or storing work equipment. Warming containers, cereal bowls, crockery or decorative items can be placed on the trolley. These can be transported through the entire operation and over several shelves.

With a width of 860 mm, the service trolley fits into every lift and through every door. Even outdoor routes are feasible thanks to the high-quality smooth-running wheels. The trolley can really be used in every area of the company. Transport materials even over long distances with the stainless steel service trolley.

In this way, you not only make transport faster but also more comfortable. Where several operations were necessary before, now one is enough with the transport trolley. Where previously heavy loads had to be dragged by staff, the trolley now takes over. This is not only better for your employees' backs, but also saves time.

When the trolley arrives at the site, its wheels are locked. Once here, the trolley can be unloaded or used as a storage area. The result of its use is more pleasant work processes. In this way, a kitchen trolley can be a supporting component in the optimisation of processes.

Trolleys: the mobile Transport Aid

The serving trolleys with castors are an enormous help, especially during transport. They are perfect for this because of their movable light wheels. The castors are easy to steer and partly lockable. During transport, you can also manoeuvre the trolley around sharp corners.

During unloading or loading, the lockable wheels ensure a secure stand. Depending on the model, two or up to four wheels can be locked. The stainless steel serving trolleys have two braked and two unbraked wheels. The trolleys made of aluminium, which we can also customise, have up to four brakable wheels.

The brakable wheels also make the trolleys suitable for transport by company van or lorry. You can additionally secure the trolleys with tension straps. These can be pushed out over a ramp at the place of use. Discover the models in the shop or opt for an individual solution with advertising print.

Serving Trolleys for Hotels and Restaurants

In the hotel and catering industry, the service trolley facilitates a variety of work processes. Suppose the staff is to prepare the catering for a meeting. The trolley can be loaded directly with new canapés, fresh drinks and crockery. The trolley is wheeled into the lift and off it goes to the next floor for the conference.

New crockery is unloaded, old crockery collected and loaded. The job is done and the conference room is fresh again. This is only one of many tasks for which you can provide a serving trolley. Especially in a hotel, where many tasks are performed by different departments, an appropriate number of trolleys is necessary.

By having a sufficient number of clearing trolleys, you avoid annoyance and the stalling of work processes. This way, a banquet can be cleared by the kitchen and service at the same time as the conference room is refreshed.

Ideal for Use at Events and Trade Fairs

The serving trolley is not only useful in the kitchen, but also for mobile use. They can also be used to make trade fairs, events or outdoor activities more pleasant. With the help of the trolley, you can bring goods from the transporter to the booth on the respective site. During the event, you use the trolley as a work and storage surface.

Especially at events or trade fairs, catering companies are often confronted with a large number of guests. Dishes usually have to be transported quickly from one place to another. In addition, sufficient working and storage space is crucial. This problem can be covered by an appropriate number of staff.

Alternatively, we also offer service trolleys with extra space for event or trade fair equipment. With the help of Gastronorm trays, a variety of dishes can be accommodated inside the service trolleys. An optional cup insert on top ensures that the trays can be stacked flat in the service trolley.

The right Accessories for your Trolley

You can further equip your stainless steel serving trolley with appropriate accessories. Among other things, you can choose from waste bins or Gastronorm trays. 11 trays fit crosswise on the trolley, so that a total of two trays can be placed on one shelf. The tray saves several steps when unloading the serving trolley.

A waste bin, on the other hand, saves collecting rubbish on the trolley's storage surface. This means that important space is lost. Instead, the waste can be disposed of directly in the bucket. The set with a total of two waste bins even makes it possible to separate the waste.

In addition to the kitchen trolley made of stainless steel, the frame of the waste bins is also made of stainless steel. This can be attached to the trolleys with two, three or more shelves at the top of the handle. The capacity of 8 litres per bin makes the accessories suitable for high-traffic events.
Stainless steel serving trolley for hotels with waste bin

Serving Trolleys - also interesting for other Industries

Due to their easy handling and practical use, the trolleys are also used in other sectors. Classically, the means of transport are known from the gastronomy and catering sector. In addition to food, drinks or crockery, other items can of course also be transported optimally. This can be in the workshop, in the warehouse or in the shipping office.

In these areas you transport material, parcels or mail. With the help of trolleys, the picking of packing lists can also be done comfortably. The individual items of the order are packed onto the trolley and then taken to the packing station.

Wherever goods need to be moved over longer distances, serving trolleys can help. The weight can now be conveniently pushed in front of you by the handles on the trolley. Of course, this is not only faster. The health of your employees can be sustainably protected by not putting so much strain on their backs.

Your Serving Trolley, All-Purpose Trolley, Side Trolley or Kitchen Helper

Use the stainless steel serving trolley in your kitchen, as a means of transport or as a side trolley. The rust-proof stainless steel surface and robust texture make it suitable for use in various industries. Add a trolley to your work equipment to make work routes and processes more convenient. Trolleys with two, three or more shelves make it possible to move a wide variety of products.

Choose a stainless steel serving trolley to transport food hygienically. Or choose a service trolley made of aluminium, which we manufacture individually. Use the surface of the trolley for an advertising print. At the next event, this will make your brand or catering visible to guests and potential next customers.

Choose one of our robust service trolleys to use in your business or mobile at events. Now choose between the number of shelves and the desired load capacity. We will be happy to help you with the implementation of an individual service trolley.
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