Service trolleys are indispensable transport aids in hotels, workshops and kitchens. They save staff a lot of time in their daily work. You can choose models with two, three or more storage compartments. Choose stainless steel or aluminium service trolleys with matching accessories now!
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Service Trolleys: Practical Support for your Staff

By using a service trolley, you facilitate the daily work of your employees. The trolley saves the staff from having to walk long distances and carry heavy objects. Various work equipment can easily be placed on the storage surface of the trolley. Long transport routes are now easier and quicker to navigate.

The goods being transported may include various items such as decorations, dishes, food containers or packages. The lack of such a trolley for transporting heavy items can have a negative impact on the health of your employees. Especially on long journeys, this is not only unhealthy but also time-consuming. The load capacity of the trolleys varies from 50 kg to 400 kg, depending on the model.

The trolleys are equipped with smooth-running wheels for easy and comfortable transport. Thanks to the lockable wheels, the displays can be loaded safely and parked firmly at their destination. In this way, you create additional storage space exactly where it is needed. To ensure this, it is important to have a sufficient number of clearing trolleys available.

The Right Trolley for your Industry

In our online range, you will find a large selection of clearing trolleys that impress with their robustness and hygiene. The trolleys are usually equipped with handles on both sides and offer several shelves to choose from. But which model is the right one for your industry?

Cleanliness is particularly important in hotels, restaurants or cafeterias. In addition, the containers and trays with Gastronorm should have room in the trolley. Do you often transport larger containers? Then we recommend a clearing trolley with two shelves. For clearing the breakfast buffet, however, a clearing trolley with five shelves would be more practical.

In addition to the number of shelves, hygiene and load capacity also play a role in product selection. Stainless steel models prevent corrosion and abrasion that would normally occur in everyday work. In this way, stainless steel ensures that the surfaces are resistant to rust and acid. This is particularly important in areas such as pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturing or food processing.
Persons, seated in the gastronomy

for the hotel industry & gastronomy

People standing together at the event

for occasions & events

Commissioning in the warehouse

for warehouse and workshop

Workshop Service Trolley: Robust and Practical

In everyday work in the workshop, it is often necessary to transport heavy materials. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to a high load capacity when choosing a trolley. The blue-coloured order picking trolleys enable the transport of work equipment up to 400 kg. Thanks to special tyres, the trolley can be handled comfortably even with heavy loads.

This type of trolley is an enormous relief for both manufacturing and picking in industry. With the help of a display, your employee can work through the individual items on the packing list. These are then collected on the trolley and can finally be packed together at the packing station. Packages that have already been packed can also be conveniently transported to the dispatch office or container.

In addition, the robust transport trolleys also support the manufacturing of products. The procurement of necessary materials and tools can be done directly from the warehouse. The employee can park the workshop service trolley next to his workplace and start manufacturing.

Gastronomy Service Trolleys & Accessories

In the hotel and catering industry, the service trolley facilitates a variety of work processes. Suppose the staff is to rearrange SPA buffet on the upper floor of the hotel. The trolley can be loaded directly with new canapés, fresh drinks and crockery. The trolley is moved into the lift and off it goes to the SPA area on the upper floor.

The task is quickly done by unloading the new dishes and collecting and loading the old ones. This makes the SPA area fresh again. This is just one of many tasks for which you can provide a service trolley. Especially in a hotel where different departments have to do many tasks, it is important to have enough trolleys available.

By having enough clearing trolleys, you avoid dissatisfaction and delays in the workflow. This way, the kitchen and service can clear a banquet and the SPA area can be freshened up at the same time.
Servicewagen für Hotels aus Edelstahl mit Abfallbehälter
The same principle applies to catering, in a cafeteria or refectory. Here, clearing trolleys are used to transport, store and keep dishes. Several trolleys mean more flexibility and possibilities in your daily work. With the light but sturdy aluminium clearing trolleys, you can keep track of your crockery management.

You can equip the corresponding service trolleys for hotel and catering with accessories. In combination with a waste bin, you avoid waste accumulation on top of the trolley. The Gastronorm trays ensure that the dishes are packed directly on the tray and put away again later. Make things even easier by complementing the trolleys with matching accessories.

Service Trolleys for your Hotel, Kitchen or Workshop

The service trolleys are versatile and extremely practical. They optimise various work processes. Work routes can be effectively reduced and the health of employees can be protected. Discover the advantages of our products in your hotel, workshop or event catering.

We can supply you with the service trolleys in different sizes. In addition, we can offer you customised production. As a manufacturer of many years, we have specialised in individual displays. There is also the option of printing the trolley entirely according to your ideas. We will be happy to assist you in choosing the right service trolley for your workshop, hotel or catering.
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