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Complete Assortment to Optimise Your Shelving

Shelf optimisation is the technical term for shelf arrangement and shelf labelling. Indispensable shelf edge rails, customisable advertising panels and shelf dividers create the framework for a successful shelf design. The atmosphere and visual stimuli are then provided by movable shelf barkers, wobblers and other information displays such as brochure holders and single-sheet leaflet holders. Shelf optimisation is therefore the harmonious combination of all elements to create a neat, functional and appealing presentation of goods on the shelf, i.e. directly at the PoS.


shelv dividers and stock pushers

Shelf Optimisation Directly from the Manufacturer

We are manufacturers of many of these elements (shelf edge rails, advertising panels, shelf dividers, shelf barkers, brochure holders, etc.) and would be happy to advise you! Whether standard product or custom-made according to your suggestions and ideas, we have years of experience in the field of shelf optimisation. As manufacturer, we guarantee the quality of our products!
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