Mannequins serve the optimal presentation of your products in the shop window. For an improved presentation and higher identification with your product, we offer mannequins in different versions. Choose mannequins as male, female, sitting or standing for your visual merchandising.
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Mannequins for your Shop Window

Mannequins are mainly used in shop windows. There you display current collections or specific products. Through the appealing design of the shop window with dressed mannequins, you attract the attention of passers-by. In the best case, the product appeals so much that the person decides to visit your shop.

By alternating the design of the shop window, you draw attention to your brand again and again. The flexibly usable mannequins support you in this. With just a little effort, you can realign, place or dress the mannequins. Due to the easy handling and the great potential for sales promotion, the displays are used in various areas.

Besides the use in the classic shop window, the presentation of goods with mannequins is also used elsewhere. An appealing presentation of clothing is also possible at trade fairs, events or new product launches. The mannequins can be set up on stages, exhibition stands or podiums.
Mannequins on merchandise display platform Easy Cubes

Displaying Goods with Mannequins

The mannequins for shop windows are lightweight and can be disassembled into individual components. For this reason, the mannequins can be used to display goods in different places. Whether stationary in the shop or mobile, your goods will always be attractively displayed with the mannequins.

By displaying the goods on the imitated body, the customer gets a better impression of what the goods look like in person. The person can do much more with the presentation of the goods than if T-shirts, for example, are laid out flat. Instead, he sees how the item fits and can feel more of a desire for this item.
So the advantages include easy transport, simple handling and the many possibilities for use. You can always build up the mannequins differently, dress them or add individual elements. In addition to these advantages, there is the great added value of the mannequins for your sales promotion. Of course, this in turn can have a positive effect on the success of your company or brand.

What is a Mannequin?

The mannequin is a life-size figure that is fitted with items of clothing. The aim is to demonstrate and display the clothes in the dressed state. It is used for advertising in shop windows and in shops. The aim is to attract the attention of customers and potential customers and for designers to illustrate the clothes.

It thus encourages customers to identify with the goods. This also creates the desire to own the product. By choosing the mannequin as a man, woman or child, the focus on the target group can be strengthened.

The traditional mannequin is made of plastic while modern mannequins are also made of alternative materials. The combination of different materials enhances the effect of the clothing and increases the attention of the customer.

"Magic" Mannequin - the Design Mannequin

Clothing on mannequins in the shop window and on the shop floor must stand out. To increase attention, different materials are combined. In this way, the mannequins shine in a completely new light. The dusty image of the conventional mannequin is passé.

In combination with wooden elements, the mannequin appears natural, in combination with elements in chrome and gold optics, it appears high-quality. This appearance has a stronger impact on the effect of the mannequin's clothing. Our "Magic" mannequin is available as a female and male figure.
Mannequin in female and male with wooden elements
The "Magic" mannequin stylishly combines different materials in one display. By selecting certain elements in other materials, you stylishly enhance the look of the mannequin. The wooden elements, for example, give the presentation a natural charm. A shiny chrome or gold look provides elegance, value and exclusivity.

Male or Female Mannequin "Magic"

You can get the mannequins of the "Magic" series in both male and female versions. In addition, this series offers you a wide range of possibilities in terms of orientation. You can drape the mannequin with articulated arms as you wish. You can get the mannequin in a standing position as well as in a sitting position.

In addition, the mannequin can be individually designed and aligned. The result is maximum flexibility in the presentation at your place of use.

Discover the "Magic" series as a changeable mannequin that can be individually adapted to your products. This gives you the advantage of being able to transfer your corporate image to the presentation of your goods. Configure your "Magic" mannequin now according to your ideas.

Smart" Mannequin for the Presentation of Fashion

The "Smart" series also offers you the choice of ladies' and men's figures. It impresses with its light weight and simple assembly by plugging together. This makes the figure easy to handle, for example when dressing or undressing. For you, this means the minimum possible effort, as well as the quick conversion of new exhibitions.
As a classic mannequin, it accompanies you at trade fairs, presentations or mobile sales. Choose one of the possible colours to display your collections attractively and according to your image. Do you have a dark shop interior? Choose our mannequin in grey or black to display your products.

Choose the classic and versatile "Smart" mannequin to display your products to promote sales. Can you already confirm that goods displayed on the mannequin are bought more often?
male mannequin in white, grey and black
female mannequin in white, grey and black

Easy Cubes Pedestals and Displays for your Mannequins

The expressive mannequins usually act as eye-catchers in the shop. They are often spotted from a distance at trade fairs or events. To enhance this effect, you can use pedestals or displays. The Easy Cubes display system is ideal for shop window design and product presentation with mannequins.

The system is modular and can therefore always be reassembled or adapted to your products. The mannequins can be placed sitting or standing on the displays. The elevated position can increase the visibility of the mannequin. Discover the product presentation system EasyCubes as a supplement for your visual merchandising.

The right Model for your Advertising in the Shop Window

As a visual merchandising material, mannequins play a crucial role in the field of shop window advertising. They display goods attractively and at the same time serve as an eye-catcher on the shop shelf or in the shop window. The easy handling favours the already popular use of the mannequins.

In our assortment we offer you the choice between different mannequins. Opt for the classic "Smart" mannequin model or the unusual "Magic" series. The latter offers you not only the addition of further elements but also scope for individuality.

Choose now the mannequin in the desired colour and with the corresponding torso. We will be happy to assist you in choosing the right model. Let us advise you and discover the many advantages of a presentation with mannequins.
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