Window film will help you to implement an exclusive advertising in the shop window. Choose a colored film as well as free form as an eye-catcher in your window. Draw the attention of passers-by to offers, products or promotions with the shop window lettering.
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Film for Advertising in the Shop Window

Your shop window is a flexible advertising space. There are no extra costs for this advertising space, as there are for a billboard, for example. In addition, it can be ideally used for addressing your target group. You can address regional customers or interested persons and invite them to your store through appealing advertising.

One of the popular promotional tools for an attractive shop window advertising is a window film and lettering. This can be used in any window. The application is done by simple sticking and is therefore easily executable even by "advertising technology laymen". In addition, there is the great advertising effect that you can achieve with an attractively designed film.

The films are flexible and customizable advertising materials. What could be better than an exclusively coordinated shop window advertising? This way you can communicate your corporate image to the outside world and thus increase your brand awareness. With a high-quality printing in your desired form, the exact coordination with your products and brand succeeds.

Shop Window Lettering and its Effect in the Outdoor Area

Thanks to the multiple possibilities in the design of the films, lettering, contour shapes and many other ideas can be realized. The advertising films enjoy great popularity not only in the field of decoration. A privacy screen or as mentioned above a lettering are also popular options to use the films.

By labeling windows, you can communicate dates, info or promotions. Many companies use their window area as a kind of company sign. So you decide to display contact details, company and opening hours in the window or on entrance doors. In addition with a frosted glass or privacy film you also provide privacy in the interior.

In addition to lettering and smaller motifs, large-format films or full foiling are also possible. Due to the low cost, they are also suitable for short-term promotions or advertising pop-up stores. The use of advertising foils in shop windows is diverse and is therefore also used by various industries.

Film Lettering for Shop Window

A film lettering for the shop window helps to promote sales in various industries. Thanks to the various advertising films in our assortment, we always offer you exactly the right item for your use. The shop window can be designed always individually. Whether colored film or a privacy film, we offer you the right model in the form you want.

For a physiotherapy center, privacy is more important. On the other hand, addressing the target group is what counts for a shoe store. Software company, on the other hand, may want to increase its visibility by displaying its logo and services. Different marketing goals can be pursued with a design of the shop window.

The store window is a central area in heavily used pedestrian zones or on busy streets. By designing the windows intelligently, you can reach a large number of potential customers. You have defined your target group? Perfect, then you can now create a suitable graphic and we will print it on the promotional vinyl in a high quality.
Window Film, Custom Printed on the Shop Window
Shop Window Lettering in the Store Window of a Department Store

Custom Printing Film for Shop Window

The start for the implementation of an advertisement with window film is the concept for your shop window. Should it be a logo print? Do you want to make your opening hours and services more known? Or do you rely on eye-catching and exclusive advertising with printed films?

After you are clear about the more precise purpose of use, the motif can be created. The print file can be created in the spirit of the campaign. Or it may simply be your logo with slogan and opening hours in CI font. You can design this file for printing and contour cutting yourself and send it to us.

A free check of the print data ensures maximum good print results. You do not have the necessary capacity to create the file? We will be happy to place your project in the hands of our design professionals. Their goal is to create the print data exactly according to your specifications.

So we are not only the right address for your shop window design. Instead, we will guide you from the creation of the print file to the finished product. Take advantage of our graphic services for a window film entirely according to your specifications. Or send us the files you have created and we will take care of everything else.

Service of VKF Renzel

✓ free print data check
✓ simple data transfer possible in various ways
✓ intensive support and personal advice from our expert consultants
✓ possible creation or repair of print data for your print products

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Window Advertising at your Point Of Sale

It is impossible to imagine advertising technology without the foiling and lettering of the shop window. These advertising materials allow fast, cheap and customized advertising. This leads not only to the wide use of the popular window films. In addition, it provides increased attention in the outdoor area.

Use our window films in your store window to effectively draw the attention of customers and prospects to your services. Choose a micro suction cup film, which sticks to the window without glue. Choose a classic window film for secure bubble-free adhesion. Or simply take a popular glass decoration film.

We will be happy to work with you to find the right film for your application. In addition to the window film, we offer many other items for successful advertising in the shop window. The filming can optimally complement the presentation with displays, monitors or LED window advertising. Discover high-quality POS Marketing Materials for your visual merchandising.
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