With window displays and monitors, you attract prospective customers to visit your salesroom. Discover digital signage products and displays to attract your target audience!
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Window Displays and Digital Advertising for Your Sales Promotion

The shop window is the business card of your shop. With an appealing presentation in the window, you can arouse the interest of passers-by. Especially in pedestrian zones or on busy streets, you can ensure a high perception of your brand. An appealing design of your shop window can increase awareness and also the number of visitors.

Use the promotional effect of an attractive shop window design for your company. For this purpose, you can access various displays and advertising options. Go for classic brand and product displays, expressive stickers or digital signage monitors.

While the classic display advertises with a message, you can play various files with a monitor. A window film can also be used to advertise special offers, promotions or products. Choose one of the presented types to inspire with your shop window.

Advertising Film in the Shop Window

Customise Shop Window Film

By using window film, the shop window can be covered with your desired motif without bubbles. As a shop window film, it provides a high-quality reproduction of your print motif. It is a dot film that can be applied without bubbles even by non-professionals. It can also be easily repositioned and removed after use.

A shop window film can not only be individually designed and printed with first-class digital printing. In addition, it can be cut to shape and form-free. For you, this means complete freedom in designing your next shop window. Design an advertisement that is maximally tailored to your brand or window.

Shop Window Advertising with Digital Signage

Shop window advertising with digital displays is becoming increasingly popular for various reasons. The monitors with associated player can be used over and over again for different campaigns. Simply play videos and images on the screen to address people visually. With a double-sided monitor, you can reach people in front of as well as in the shop with your offers.

This means that the displays can be used for advertising in the shop window in the long term. In addition, the bright digital displays remain clearly visible even in the dark. Especially on dark days, your advertisement remains present in the shop window, the reach of your advertising is not diminished.

Due to the high brightness, your advertisement remains perfectly legible not only in the dark, but also in direct sunlight. Use digital displays to advertise your products in various file formats in full HD.
Shop window monitor suspended from the ceiling

Advertise on Shop Window Displays

You think uploading content could be time-consuming and costly? The various files with content can be dragged onto the digital display in different formats. Load your presentation, videos or slide show onto a USB stick and let it play in a continuous loop. The changing content will entice passers-by to linger in front of your shop.

The respective shop window monitor plays files in MPEG, MP4, aVI, MOV, JPEG and many other formats. Via USB or HDMI input, you have constant control over the content shown.

Changes can be made in a flash on the computer. This allows you to advertise promotions even at short notice. Present yourself in an innovative and modern way with a digital screen in your shop window!

Discover the right Display for your Shop Window now

In our range you will find a variety of different displays for your shop window advertising. These can not only be integrated into your shop window within a short time. Convince yourself of the sales-promoting effect of an attractive design for your shop window.

Choose from shop window lettering, digital screens, classic shop window displays or mannequins. Combinations of the various items are also possible to exploit the maximum potential of your shop window advertising. Stand out from the crowd with your shop window now. We will be happy to advise you on your options or produce customised displays for you.
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