Attractively designed shop windows and unusual decorations invite potential customers to enter your shop. The appealing advertising and design in the shop window attracts the attention of passers-by. Discover our advertising materials for your shop window to appeal to the emotions and desires of your target group.
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Designing the Shop Window: The First Impression Counts

The shop window is often the first impression the customer has with your business. In passing, this is noticed by people from different groups. This is where the interest for your products and services is aroused so that the potential customer wants to enter the store.

With the help of various displays and advertising materials you can design the shop window according to your wishes. You can use slides, monitors or mannequins to implement your visual merchandising concept. The individual advertising displays can be used in a variety of ways in the store window.

Choose a window display advertising with digital displays or LED elements. The warm light in the shop window or the moving images give the displays an enhanced attention-getting effect. To make the best possible impression, you can rely on a variety of displays to visually market your products.

Digital Shop Window Design


Presentation with Display Window Mannequins

Werbefolien Sale

Design Shop Window with Advertising Film

Decorative Elements and Displays for your Shop Window Advertising

In addition to your industry and the size of the storefront, the target group also plays a key role. By targeting your window dressing, you can make your advertising more relevant to this group. Choose window film with print, flexible playable monitors or modular merchandise displays to attract the attention of passers-by.

Depending on the size of the shop window, you can choose space-saving ceiling suspension or free-standing displays. The goal here is the ideal use of your space in the store window. With variable dividers you can separate them from your sales area. Use this area to set up merchandise pedestals, mannequins or banner displays.

In case of limited space, the window area can be optimally used with monitors, LED frames or poster displays. The exchange of content is done quickly, which allows for always up-to-date sharing of info or low prices. By using window screens you have the possibility to play a whole range of advertising content.

Shop Window Design, Individually Designed for you

Do you want your shop window design to stand out from the competition as much as possible? This can result in a higher number of visitors and buyers. In addition, you also benefit from the branding effect, which helps you increase your visibility. By designing the shop window in your CI design, you ensure that your brand is remembered.

You establish the recognition of your products and the anchoring of your company in the minds of prospective customers with unique concepts. Through the certain color selection or fancy promotional videos, you will score points with regular and new customers. Consistent design across multiple channels repeatedly calls your services to the attention of customers.

Modular customizable displays support you in this process. These can be used in the long term for the design of the store window and are also available with a print. Choose, for example, between a digital shop window with monitors or a presentation with merchandise displays and mannequins.

Shop Window Design with Vending Machine

Sell more automatically - Vending Machine "CombiVend" with compartments

✓ modular compartment lockers
✓ lockers incl. printing
✓ different compartment sizes selectable
✓ sell also after closing time

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Attract the Attention of the Target Group Now with Discounts and Other Promotions

Shop window design and window advertising help you communicate your discounts, special offers or information. Here, these contents are displayed in a clearly visible way and are accessible to everyone. The matching display can be used in a variety of ways and finished individually. The result is an eye-catching window display with a personal touch.

Customize your storefront with our POS marketing materials to fully realize the potential of storefront advertising. Discover the sales promoting effect of mannequin, films, window displays or screens. We will be happy to help you design your shop window in a way that will boost your sales.
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