Bargain Table Definition - What is it?

A bargain table is a sales table used to display on sale goods and special offers. It is the colloquial description of a dump bin. Other names for such tables are bargain bin, wire baskets, bargain bucket or dump basket.

So-called bargain tables can be found in supermarkets, department stores or DIY shops. On sale goods, special offers and bargains can be quickly and easily displayed in the dump bins. The baskets are shaped so that customers can browse through the goods comfortably.

Bargain Table Features

The tables are mostly made of robust wire. As a wire basket, they can be placed at key points in the salesroom. This draws customers' attention to certain goods and products, which encourages more sales or impulse purchases. The bargain bins can be customised with additional advertising material.

The height-adjustable shelves make it possible to advertise a wide variety of products with the displays. For example, food, textiles or building materials can be placed inside the dump baskets. If there are fewer products, the floor can be adjusted to the quantity of goods.
wire bargain table
dump bin filled with food packaging

Accessories for the Sales Tables

A bargain table can be complemented by accessories to create an additional effect. By placing the tables centrally, they often draw attention to themselves. Furthermore, they can be equipped with promotional material to draw the attention of potential buyers to your goods.

Additional promotional material for bargain tables can be printable covers or poster holders with slots for advertising inserts. Metal frames with castors are also available for the tables. The additional mobility means that the tables can then be moved freely around the room.

Bargain Table: Sales Promotion at the Point of Sale

The Point of Sale is the point at which the customer has direct contact with the goods. Various POS marketing materials are used to encourage additional sales or impulse purchases. These also include bargain tables.

Different goods can be attractively displayed in the wire baskets. These are also available in our range.
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