With dump bins and bargain tables, you can display promotional products and special offers quickly and easily. You can customise the bargain table with poster holders or printable covers. We are also happy to offer you a mesh basket as a customised product.
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Bargain Table: Presenting Promotional Goods to Promote Sales

Do you want to place special offers at the POS to promote sales? Bargain tables offer space for a wide variety of products. Different goods can be sorted in the individual compartments of the displays. Especially in the entrance or checkout area, you can entice customers to "rummage" in the dump bins.

The robust displays are suitable as permanent product displays in your branch. They can be stocked quickly and require comparatively less tidying up than a sales counter. If necessary, the shelves of the baskets can be adjusted in just a few steps. The easy handling of the bargain tables saves your staff important time in their daily work.

With the help of poster holders and covers, you can increase the sales-promoting effect of the baskets. Here you can display prices or discounts to draw attention to sales promotions. By equipping the tables accordingly, you can draw customers' attention to the promotion from a distance. The display of percentages and price reductions attracts an additional number of customers.

Popular across Industries: Wire Dump Bins

You are always well advised with a wire dump bin. The sturdy baskets blend into any shop interior thanks to the silver material and the familiar shape. Both small and larger goods find space inside the baskets. These are all reasons for the great popularity of the displays in various branches.

The thin frame and the depth of the displays ensure a large capacity. So stuffed animals, socks, but also plant pots or building aids can find space in the basket. You can advertise and display groups of goods permanently in the dump bin. In addition, in contrast to other permanently used product displays, the wire baskets do not require cleaning.

A bargain table is also suitable for the short-term promotion of reduced goods or special merchandise. The displayed goods can always be quickly extended or exchanged. In the food sector, products can be promoted shortly before the expiry date. Tempt customers in the checkout area to make impulse purchases by placing baskets with special offers.

Dump Bin for your next Sales Activity

Are you planning a promotion campaign and looking for a suitable display? Choose a bargain table in the appropriate size to display your goods. The models are suitable for loads of up to 150 kg. With a height-adjustable shelf, you can adapt the table to the size of your products.

Equipped with castors, the location of the displays can be changed again and again. Staff can easily move the filled baskets around the Point of Sale. During the promotion, the braked castors ensure a secure stand.

Choose a basket with a printable cover. Here you can draw attention to low prices, your brand or your central idea. Ensure a successful promotion week with a custom-printed bargain table.

The right Model for your next Special Promotion

Thanks to the angular shape, the baskets can be placed both on the wall and freely in the room. Goods inside can be neatly lined up or wildly mixed up. The displays have an average height of 800 mm. This means that they are at a comfortable height and can be easily reached by people of various heights.

In addition to the square displays, there are several other models in our range. So which is the right one for use as a product display for your items? When choosing the right dump bin, it is important to consider the filling height, size and load capacity. For long-term use, an adjustable base is recommended so that products of different sizes can be displayed.

What kind of wire basket is suitable for your next special promotion? Here, adjustable shelves ensure that you can adapt the display to the remaining quantity of goods. But especially for promotions, we recommend adding extra accessories to the display. This way you can simply draw attention to the goods in a targeted way and reach potential buyers much better.

Bargain Table: made individually for you

It is not only in the printing that we can fully take your wishes into account. We also offer you dump bins in special dimensions or special productions. Our beautifully shaped bargain table made of square tubing can be individually adapted to your products and your special promotion. In this way, the goods display, environment and product are perfectly coordinated.

An individual product enables the unique presentation of your brand and products. This is also reflected in how customers perceive the brand. Create high-quality brand displays to give your brand a professional and valuable image. The recognition value is noticeably increased in the course of this.

A customised dump bin can be placed in many locations throughout the shop. Use the sales-promoting effect of wire baskets for specific product groups and products. We will be happy to support you in the implementation of your unique brand display.

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