Sales tables present your goods effectively at the Point of Sale. You can display different merchandise on the folding, mobile or classic models made of wood. In addition to the offered tables, we also manufacture individual displays.
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Sales table: Promoting Merchandise at the Point of Sale

With a sales table, you display your products or services in a highly visible and easily accessible way. Use the table to present the services in your company. Set up the display in the waiting area, at events or permanently in the sales room. In this way, ensure additional attention for the goods on display.

The Point of Sale where the customer comes into direct contact with the goods. It is usually here at the point of sale that the decision to buy the product is made. For this reason, the presentation of the goods is particularly crucial. A sales table can not only arouse the interest of potential buyers, but also convey a high-quality image.

If there is only a limited number of goods on the table, this signals the scarcity of the product. Now the impression is conveyed that this product is particularly valuable or unique. This effect is used, among others, in the fashion retail or jewellery sector.

promote sales at the Point of Sale

individual PoS solutions possible

sales displays for your brand

Fruit and vegetable sales table

Sales Table for Fruit and Vegetables

individual production and design possible

A central sales table is the fruit and vegetable table. The model from the manufacturer VKF Renzel offers you many advantages for the presentation of fresh produce. With a lockable tilt function, the table can, among other things, be tilted as desired. Equipped with castors, the table can also be repositioned again and again. At the point of use, the lockable castors ensure a secure stand.

Discover our sales display for the presentation of fruit and vegetables over two levels. Design the display to suit your range. We offer a wide range of accessories so that you can customise the fruit and vegetable display. We offer this sales table in different sizes.

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The right Table for your Brand

The presentation of goods and the image of the brand have a close relationship. The two aspects of marketing cannot be separated. This leads to the fact that the PoS displays for the goods have a special significance. They should reflect the image of the brand and present the products in a correspondingly high-quality or natural way, for example.

On the sales table itself, you can present the products in the desired order as you wish. Depending on the table, it offers you a different sized area for this. Do you want to display larger, robust products? Then opt for a sturdy, natural table.

Alternatively, presentation tables and columns in elegant design are available for smaller, high-quality products. In addition, there is the possibility to finish the displays individually. We can also offer you customised designs and printing on our square tube sales tables.

Folding Sales Tables: ideal for on the Road

A folding sales table is ideal if you want to display goods at events, at trade fairs or on a mobile basis. The tables are easy to transport and can then be set up flexibly and stably at the respective place of use. With a folding table, you can ensure an attractive presentation of your goods even when you are on the road.

Information material, products or cash registers can be placed on the table. Draw attention to your fitness courses and offers and motivate people to register. Alternatively, you can also present your products carefully and in a sales-promoting way. Equipped with cash cassettes, you can use the sales tables as mobile cash counters.

The folding table can be used again and again for a variety of purposes. This can be at a city festival, a trade fair or at special sales. The tables are quickly set up as an additional surface for presenting goods. Especially in the case of reductions or lot goods, you can display more goods in a sales-promoting way.

Wooden Tables as a Base for Your Products

Especially at the moment, natural wooden tables are suitable for the presentation of many brands and products. The natural material scores with its rustic, decorative character. This can have a direct impact on the perception of your brand and products. The angular tables can be used permanently at the buffet or in the branch.

Mobile tables are also available here. Opt for displays with castors or folding sales displays. This gives you a choice of wooden sales tables for the next trade fair or event. Discover the tables in natural beech, spruce or take one with a treated surface.

A special sales table is the market stall. It is an absolute eye-catcher thanks to its coloured canopy. The display creates temporary sales space and is also available with a transport trolley. Use the sturdy sales table indoors or outdoors to push your products.

Presentation of Goods at the Point of Sale

With an appealing presentation at the PoS, you can influence the success of your brand. The presentation not only attracts potential buyers. No, it also entices them to buy the products. The high-quality sales tables from our range support the implementation of sales promotion at the Point of Sale.

In addition to the models in our range, as a manufacturer with an in-house print shop, we also offer customised solutions. With such a display, you can orient the presentation of your goods even more strongly to the image of your brand. Turn your sales table into a unique brand display. Ask us now about your custom PoS display.

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