Visual Merchandising - Definition and Examples 

The term Visual Merchandising refers to Visual Sales Promotion or the purely visual aspect of sales promotion. The concept is used in places where customers come into contact with products and services. These include, for example, store premises, trade fairs or special events.

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Point of Sale (POS) und Point of Purchase (POP)

The Point of Sale is the place where a sale is made and completed. From the customer's point of view, it is also referred to as the Point of Purchase.

The classic point of sale is a retailer's salesroom or store where the customer has direct contact with the merchandise. This in turn refers to all types of presentation and sales areas.

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Visual Communication in the Retail Store

Visual merchandising is often seen as an extension of marketing. It is often used to carry concepts of Corporate Identity or Corporate Design right through to the sales floor. All affiliates of a company are thus designed according to the same concept in terms of their design.

The resulting holistic appearance of a company or a product line serves as visual communication to the customer. The individual design elements include, for example, the store's facade, store window, entrance area, lighting, and the concept of the merchandise layout and presentation.

The goal of visual merchandising is the optimal presentation of products or services. The attention and interest of your target group should be aroused and purchases should be encouraged. Visual merchandising helps you to achieve corporate goals such as the acquisition of new customers or sales promotion.

This is an Instrument of Communication Policy in Marketing. This instrument plays a role not only in the marketing mix of classic fashion retail. In the buyer's market in particular, the presentation of products and shop window design are important sales policy instruments.

Visual Merchandising in Various Areas

At a trade fair, you want to attract customers to your stand from afar. The company should be quickly identifiable and also attract new prospective customers to the stand. Here, an appealing and high-quality conception of the trade fair appearance is in the foreground.

Visual merchandising allows you to stand out from other exhibitors and put your company in the spotlight. When designing an exhibition stand, we use trusses, illuminated walls, banner displays or exhibition furniture, among other things.

The design of the shop window also has to arouse the interest of passers-by. An appealing concept and staging can invite people to visit the store. Here you can often find mannequins, which are ideal for displaying clothes. These figures can be decorated and styled.

The visual merchandiser is also responsible for decorating and lighting the shop window. Special products or seasonal merchandise can be brought into focus in the display window. In the meantime, digital shop windows are also becoming more and more important.

In the salesroom, the presentation of products and store fittings can influence the behavior of customers. This can result in a longer dwell time and so-called impulse purchases. Depending on the store design and industry, different means or displays of sales promotion are used.

Visual Merchandising at the Point of Sale is aimed at addressing the customer visually. Here, various POS Marketing Materials are used to consciously direct the customer's attention. A pleasant shopping atmosphere strengthens customer loyalty and is an important factor in attracting new customers.

Visual Merchandiser - Training and Job Description

The Profession of Visual Marketing Designer is also known as visual merchandiser or decorator. It deals with the conception, the design of shop windows and surfaces and the subsequent controlling. The aim is to appeal to customers and target groups and to influence their buying behavior or mood. Visual merchandisers work in trade fair construction, salesrooms or workshops.

How to Become a Visual Mechandiser?

Training as a visual marketing designer takes a total of 3 years. This is a dual vocational training program.

What Do You Do in this Job?

Visual marketing designers work in sales promotion. Their field of work includes the presentation of goods, products and services as well as advertising, events, public relations and promotion.

They decorate store windows and experience rooms and plan events or sales campaigns to attract the interest of potential customers. They incorporate current trends when developing their design concepts. They understand how to use light, shapes, colors and other design elements to great effect.

They also procure materials and presentation aids. Cost and quotation calculations and performance reviews are also part of their job.

Training as a Visual Marketing Designer

Become a creative allrounder!

  • Handcraft skills (e.g. when making decorative parts)
  • Drawing skills and visual imagination (e.g., in the preparation of scale drafts)
  • Creativity and sense of aesthetics (e.g. developing and implementing ideas for the design of sales and showrooms)
School Subjects:
  • Handicrafts/technology (e.g. when making decorative elements)
  • Art (e.g., using colors and shapes as design tools)
  • Mathematics (e.g. for the calculation of material requirements)

Visual Merchandising and VKF Renzel

We, the VKF Renzel GmbH, supply you with various POS materials to successfully implement Visual Merchandising at the POS. For the design at the point of sale, point of purchase or the shop window we are your reliable partner. We can also offer you a large assortment in the area of trade fairs & events.

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