Professional Air Purifier Line "PLR" - The Right Model for Every Room Size

Aerosol researchers have proven that the risk of infection with corona viruses is many times higher indoors than outdoors. Measures such as keeping a distance, wearing a mask and ventilation only help to a limited extent in enclosed spaces.
Wherever people continue to come together, technical solutions are therefore needed to reduce airborne infection.
Whether in craft workshops, production, sales rooms, treatment rooms at doctors or therapists, hairdressers, offices or schools - wherever people regularly come together in a confined space, the use of air purifiers, which are often also called air filters, makes sense.

For an air purifier to work effectively, it is important to match the size of the room and the performance of the device. The air in the room should be filtered at least 2-3 times per hour for optimal purification.
With the Professional Air Purifier product range, four effective and reliable device sizes "Made in Germany" are available to rid the room air of viruses, bacteria and allergens such as pollen or mold spores. This range simplifies the selection process for companies with premises of different sizes. The direct comparison option makes it easy to decide on the right device.


The Professional Air Purifier Line

Starting with the PLR-Mini, the smallest model in the line with a height of only 60 cm, rooms with up to 110 m² and normal ceiling height can be filtered. The PLR-Mini can be continuously adjusted between 0-100% using a rotary control.
If the room is larger, there is the option of either placing a second device or opting for a different model.

The PLR-Silent, the next larger model with a height of 95 cm, has some additional features. Equipped with a touch display, the power can be regulated continuously. It is possible to store individual schedules or view technical data via the display.
The air purifier is also equipped with a shielded UV-C lamp, which can be optionally switched on via the display. The lamp ensures additional inactivation of the filtered-out viruses. The PLR-Silent is equipped with four castors, allowing easy relocation to other locations. The air purifier is suitable for rooms with up to 150 m².

The PLR-Silent+ is recommended for rooms up to 250 m² in size. The 142 cm high model also comes on rollers and can be operated via a touch display. The installation of a UV-C lamp is optionally possible.

The big player from the professional air purifier family is the PLR-Max. It is suitable for large rooms with up to 800 m² and thus also covers gyms, festival halls or production halls. The installation of a UV-C lamp is optionally possible. Equipped with sturdy castors, the PRL-Max fits through any standard door despite its height of 197 cm and can therefore be used flexibly.

All four types operate with a certified HEPA H14 filter according to EN 1822, which guarantees a separation efficiency of 99.995%. This means that all but 0.005% of particles are removed from the circulated air.
In an efficiency test conducted by the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics IBP, the PLR-Silent was tested for the reduction and inactivation of airborne viruses in a simulated classroom. The recovery of active viruses after 45 minutes of device operation was reduced by 99.43 %.

The filter principle is also the same for all four air purifiers. The room air is drawn into the device at the bottom and then passes through the different filter stages. The purified air is then expelled at the top of the device.
A filter change is required after 8,800 hours of operation, which is after about 3 years if the unit is operated for 8 hours a day. The change can be carried out without the need for specialist personnel. However, it is important to use original spare parts to ensure continued safe use.
A silencer and an activated carbon filter for neutralizing odors are also available for the PLR-Silent.

Air purifiers are among the eligible components of Bridging Assistance III and are a valuable tool beyond Corona to protect staff, customers or guests from airborne diseases. That's because even mutants or future viruses are captured by the HEPA H14 filter.

The use of an air filter is therefore associated with many advantages. You can find more information about the articles as well as individual advice, e.g. through a video chat, here.
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