Aluminium profiles are suitable as construction profiles for various projects due to their light and robust nature. As a light metal, aluminium has a low weight and a special formability. Discover U-profiles, square tubes, associated connectors and more. We will gladly supply you with the required profile cut to size.
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The different Aluminium Profiles in our Online Shop

Depending on the project, a corresponding profile is required. Are you looking for a complex construction profile? Do you want to implement a simple structure quickly and safely? In addition to the aluminium profile, the dimensions also play an important role in selecting the right product. With many years of experience in processing aluminium, we are happy to help you.

We use a variety of different profiles to manufacture products for business and shop fittings or poster presentations. In addition to the finished aluminium displays, we also cut a certain number of profiles individually for you. In combination with suitable connectors and extensions, you can create constructions as required.

Groove profile

Aluminium Textilspannrahmen im Autohaus

Frame profiles

Empfangsteheke aus FlexiSlot Paneelwänden

Square profiles

Alu Kederschiene als Bannerrahmen für italienisches Essen

Keder profiles

Slot Systems: Aluminium Profile Cuts and Connectors

Thanks to the characteristic profiles, complex and resilient models can be created with the help of connectors and other accessories. Connector systems make it much easier to assemble the individual components. For you, this means simple and quick handling as well as a stable and high-quality end result.

Of course, you will also find the right accessories for the various aluminium profiles in our shop. Order the profile in the desired length and join the individual profiles together. In this way, you can create models that are precisely adapted to your location. Realise displays in unusual dimensions with the various aluminium slot systems.

Create a unique shop fitting, first-class presentation displays, poster displays in the desired length or vehicle installations. While the aluminium keder rail and banner frame slot system are suitable for advertising technology, the aluminium square system is used flexibly. This is a light, stable system with an attractive appearance.

The almost tool-free use of the slot systems makes them attractive for various areas of application. In addition, the aluminium impresses with its lightness, which emphasises the good handling. Discover the many possibilities our slot systems offer you. Use the displays at trade fairs, at the Point of Sale or in advertising technology.

Display Construction and Manufacturing at VKF Renzel

High-quality products made of aluminium can be realised promptly by means of our own production facility. Standardised products can be exclusively extended by us to meet very specific requirements.

We use the profiles to produce a wide range of displays. These are used to present print media, products or the company or brand. These include trade fair walls, poster displays, next customer dividers or partition walls. In addition, LED profiles as shelf lighting and aluminium price rails can be found in our range.

The versatile displays are recommended for use in sales promotion. They can be individually adapted to your company through appropriate refinement. In addition to printing, production according to your specifications is also possible. We are happy to support you in the conception and implementation of brand displays and special productions.

Aluminium Profiles: the right Profile for your Construction

The good formability and high robustness of the material make it suitable for various purposes. Various profiles in any dimensions can be made from aluminium. The individual profiles are usually produced by means of bar pressing. This process also allows the production of complex profiles.

This makes it possible to adapt the profile precisely to the respective application. With us you will find a large selection of aluminium profiles that you can use for your construction. Discover square profiles, round profiles, keder profiles and more for indoor or outdoor use.

After the aluminium profiles have been produced at a temperature of approx. 500 ºC, the next step is further processing and finishing. This includes processing with lasers, punching, sawing or milling. The surface can be powder-coated, anodised or press-finished.
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