Use suction cups to attach objects to smooth surfaces such as glass, mirrors or tiles. Discover different suction cups with thread and nut, mushroom head, with hook or shaft for various purposes.
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Suction Cups in Many Variants

Suction cups are infinitely versatile. They avoid the inconvenience of drilling holes and offer a clean solution. They are often used in the household, such as in the kitchen and bathroom, as towel holders. But the flexibly usable articles are also used industry at full length.

Despite the simple attachment, the small adhesive suckers have a high degree of strength and potential. This can be used for fastening various objects. By equipping them with a thread, hook or spike, you can select the ideal item for your intended use.

When the respective suction cup is pressed against the smooth surface, air flows out. A vacuum is created when air particles are pressed out of the inner curvature of the suction cup. There is a very low air pressure in the vacuum between the suction cup and the surface.

The resulting hollow space gives the suction cup its high and long-lasting adhesive force. A suction cup consists of elastic plastic in the shape of a cup. The suction cups owe their name to this shape and the intensive suction power.

They are available as models with hooks, as double suction cups or also with sign grippers. Vacuum cups are practical, self-adhesive, mostly transparent aids. They provide the desired hold on smooth surfaces such as glass, mirrors or tiles. You can attach the desired items to the respective surface without the hassle of drilling or gluing.

Ideal for mounting on smooth surfaces

The advantages of the versatile suction cups are quickly mentioned. With the help of suckers, a wide variety of things, such as posters in shop windows, can be attached quickly and easily. Once placed, the suction cups hold on to the surface for a long time thanks to their special suction power. They help to attach a wide variety of objects particularly securely, long-term and firmly.

After use, you can also remove the cup without leaving any residue - another advantage of the practical suction cups. An additional plastic tab makes it easier to detach the items from the respective surface.

This turns the popular vacuum cups into versatile tools. They can be used to attach items to shiny and smooth surfaces or to lift them. Discover our extensive range here in our online shop and choose your favourite.

You can choose from a wide range of different suction cups. There are different diameters as well as different designs of the articles of the suction cups to choose from.

Threaded suction cups are suitable for attaching sheet materials to smooth surfaces. They are equipped with an injected thread and a knurled nut to clamp the respective sheet material. When selecting the suction cup, different screw lengths are available to adapt to the thickness of the panel.

The respective panel material is slipped over the thread of the suction cup and fastened with a nut. The window or tile sucker is pressed firmly onto the flat surface. The quick-to-perform fastening is suitable for short-term and spontaneous as well as long-term use.

Suction Cups with or without Thread

As an alternative to suction cups, window suckers are also used for tool-free mounting on smooth surfaces. Here, too, adhesion is created by a vacuum. This is created by turning a lever on the side.

The suction cups are also supplied with a thread. This enables the uncomplicated attachment of panel materials or objects to smooth walls. In addition to the thread, a clamping insert is also available. Materials up to a thickness of 4 mm can be clamped into this insert.
Saugfüße und Saugnäpfe mit Gewinde
Saugnapf mit Klemmeinsatz für Materialien bis 4 mm Stärke
In this way, materials without holes can also be attached to the substrate without tools. After use, the lever on the side of the suction feet is operated again. The suction foot can be detached from the substrate so that it does not leave any residue.

The Application Areas of Suction Cups and Suckers

Due to their practical function and easy attachment, suction cups are used in many different areas. Classically, this type of fastening is known from the bathroom or private household. A tile sucker with a hook can serve as a towel holder, among other things. It can be attached to the bathroom tiles or even to the mirror.

In private households, suction cups with hooks are usually used to hang up towels or tea towels. But these suction cups can also be used to attach tarpaulins, banners or signs. As long as these advertising media have holes, they can be hooked onto the suction cups. The advantage here is also the quick exchange of advertising banners, tarpaulins or signs.

Threaded suction cups are also popular in advertising technology. They are suitable for attaching perforated sheet materials or those that can be screwed. The material is slipped over the thread and a knurled nut ensures that it is fastened on the back.

Printed sheet materials can be attached to smooth surfaces in this way without the need for tools. The threads of the various suction cups are usually injected.

With a double suction cup, you can attach smooth sheet materials to smooth substrates. Careful cleaning of both materials is recommended beforehand. Then press the sucker firmly onto both the substrate and the sheet material.

The vacuum created on both sides ensures that the two materials are attached to each other for a long time. You benefit twice from the function of an adhesive suction cup.

A suction cup with spike is ideal for presenting posters. There is a fixing pin in the head , which can be removed. Place the poster and press the fixing pin back into the head of the cup. This way, your advertising posters are always held in the right position and good legibility is guaranteed.

Discover these and many more adhesive suction cups and suckers in our range. Benefit from the fast, tool-free and extremely practical handling. Use the suction cups to attach your advertising banners, advertising posters, sheet materials and more.
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