The sign standoffs are used to easily attach door, company or office signs to the wall. Our simple and high-quality sign spacers sets as well as spacers set your signs perfectly in scene. They are suitable for signs of different types and textures. Choose the right fastening for your sign now.
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Suitable for Signs of any kind

Good signage is often part of the figurehead of a company. With clear and uniform signage, you can score points with customers, visitors or business partners. They provide an orientation aid for internal and external contacts and can become a decorative part of the company or office equipment.

For the implementation of an attractive and uniform signage, fasteners like sign standoffs or sign spacers are also necessary. They ensure a firm hold and the correct placement of the signs. In addition, they also play a role in the look and feel of your door signs. For this reason, you should also select the fastening of your sign specifically.
Various signs are used for signage in offices, conference rooms, hotels or surgeries. Signs made of glass or acrylic are particularly popular. This type of door sign has a particularly high-quality look and can be printed individually. The transparency of the material creates an effect as if these signs were backlit.

Door signs made of glass, acrylic or other panel materials can be placed attractively on the wall with our sign standoffs. The high-quality look of signs of different panel thicknesses is enhanced by the choice of mounting. Suitable wall sign spacers ensure, among other things, that light falls behind the signs. Particularly with translucent materials, this ensures that the inscriptions are presented in a special light.
Glass door sign with sign standoffs for the wall

Easily fixed with Sign Spacers for the Wall

You don't feel like having to fix your door signs in a cumbersome way? But at the same time you would like to integrate exclusive signage in your company? With our sign standoff sets, the wall mounting of the signs is simple, uncomplicated and can be done in a very short time. At the same time, the sign spacers guarantee a visually appealing solution.

Depending on the size of the sign or your individual taste, you can define the number of fixing sets required. We recommend mounting in each corner of the respective sign. You will receive our fixing sets as a packaging unit with four sign spacers as well as the required fixing material.

When selecting the right set, you can also choose from various materials. You can choose from sign spacers made of aluminium, stainless steel, plastic or brass. Furthermore, it is crucial to choose the right signs standoff for the corresponding panel thickness. Most fasteners can be used for different material thicknesses.

After you have received the selected sign standoff, you can turn your attention to the uncomplicated wall mounting. First select the appropriate position and height for your door sign, room sign or office sign. From the sign spacer set, the back part is first screwed into the wall with the help of a dowel. Then the front part of the sign mounting is screwed in.

This keeps the glass or acrylic panel securely attached to the wall. The round or square sign standoffs put your signs permanently and visually appealing in the spotlight. The fasteners and wall sign spacers remain in the background thanks to their simple appearance. This sets the scene perfectly for the sign's motif.

The result is uniform and decorative signage for your company, practice or conference rooms. The areas of application of the shapely sign mountings extend across all industries. Thanks to the simple look, the signs with the corresponding standoffs fit into any interior.

Have you discovered a suitable Sign Standoff System?

In our online assortment you have the choice between different sign standoff sets for the wall mounting of your signs. We will be happy to help you find the right fastening.

In addition, you also have the option of discovering different types of door signs in our online range. In addition to hallway signs and other standard models, you can also find door signs made of glass or acrylic in our range. These can be individually printed with your logo and various motifs.

In conjunction with our sign spacers, this creates an individual sign for your company. We are happy to assist you with the creation of an individual sign.
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