Instructions for the Creation of Print Data

Almost all articles in our range can be individualised by printing. These include promotional items and acrylic displays, banners and complete exhibition stands.


Print data sheets

We have data sheets available for you for the best possible print data preparation. You will find these in the shop directly next to the article or on request.


Free data check

All print data supplied by you will be checked by us in a basic check. If there are any defects or discrepancies in the data installation, we will inform you immediately. We will check the factors resolution, format and colour mode for you, without guarantee or warranty.


File format

We prefer printable PDF data according to the PDF/X1a standard; other possible file formats: eps, ai, tif, jpg (no png or gif).

Please convert Indesign data into a PDF file. If InDesign data cannot be avoided, we reserve the right to charge a corresponding surcharge depending on the effort involved.



Please use suitable DTP software, e.g. Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe InDesign, etc.

Office programs such as Word or PowerPoint are not suitable for creating high-quality print data! The printing of office data is usually only possible with restrictions, subsequent corrections and high effort (EXTRA costs).


Document format

Please prepare document in the ratio 1:1, 1:2, 1:4 or 1:10



- if necessary -

Create bleed outside the document format (on a scale of 1:1) to -3 mm or -5 mm (see also the respective product data sheets)


Contour cut

Place the area in the special colour "Through Cut" (C0/M0/Y0/K0) on a separate layer in the background.

Digital transfer and foil printing: Place a 0.25 pt overprinting contour in the spot colour "CutContour" (C0/M100/Y0/K0) in the foreground.


Document content


Font / Text

convert into paths, or embedded in the PDF



Embed images or send positioned / linked images. Image formats: eps, tif, jpg optimum resolution at 1:1 = 300 dpi, from 120 dpi (min. 72 dpi) at 1:2 = 240 dpi at 1:4 = 480 dpi at 1:10 = 1,200 dpi




Silkscreen Print

- Define special colours -

Please send us your data with the corresponding colour specifications (PMS, HKS, RAL). If possible, please create an overlap of 0.3 mm between the individual colour separations.


Digital printing

Please create data in CMYK, no RGB

Special colours can only be simulated in digital printing! A 100% match is not possible.

An approximation is possible - but should be agreed upon by means of a proof, which you provide us with. Please discuss further information with your sales consultant.


Deep black surfaces

This can only be achieved in digital printing by black generation in the four process colours (C50/M50/Y50/K100).


White background

Create areas in overprinting white spot colour "Spot 1" and place them in the foreground.


Colour check

On request, we will be happy to provide you with a proof as an additional colour check.



You do not have any printable data? Do you need a design of the desired print medium? Then get in touch with us! We will be happy to create your print data including design for the desired print products. (Costs according to expenditure)


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