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If you have not yet ordered from our online shop, you can easily open a new online customer account. You will also have to do this if you have previously only used the alternative options of telephone, fax or e-mail. There is no automatic transfer of customer data here. To register a new account, select the menu item "My account" and then the submenu item "Register". You will find the item "My account" at the top of the page. Or simply select the following link:

Open online customer account »

Alternatively, you can also open a customer account during the ordering process. However, registration is not necessarily required for an order in our online shop. You can also order from us without registering, but you will not be able to use the advantages of a customer account.

Log in as customer and log out

Log in

You can log in at any time via the menu "My account", which you will find in the header.
Alternatively, simply use the following link: Customer log-in »
Alternatively, you can also register conveniently during the ordering process.

Log out

Simply click on "Log out" in the header.
Alternatively you can choose the following link: Log-out now »

Forgotten access data

Forgotten password

If you have forgotten your access password, you can easily set up a new password. To do this, simply select the "Forgot your password?" link in the "My account" menu in the header or on the registration form in the order process.

Alternatively you can choose the following link: Forgot password »

Enter your e-mail address in the form displayed there and click on "Request password". We will automatically and immediately send you an e-mail with a link. Click this link and you can set a new password directly (at least six characters). Please note that the link is only active up to six hours after the request and is only valid for one password change at a time.
After entering a new password you are logged in directly.

Forgotten e-mail address

If you have forgotten which e-mail address you used to register with us, you have the following options.
If you are unsure whether you have registered before, simply use the form "Create new account" and try to create a new account with your e-mail address. If your address is already registered, the system will tell you. If your address is not stored, you have simply opened a new account.
If you are sure that you already have a customer account and would like to use it again, but you no longer know the e-mail address, please send an e-mail to: If you already have a customer account, we will send you your user name by e-mail. We cannot send you passwords.

Update customer data

Change access data

You can change your password independently in the customer account. To do this, log in via the menu "My account" in the site header and select "My account". Here you can change your password easily.
Alternatively follow this link: Change Password »

If you have forgotten your password, please follow: Forgot password »
You can change your e-mail address used for registration under INVOICE ADDRESS. The e-mail address you enter here is also your login name.

Change and add addresses

You can change and create your billing address as well as possible deviating delivery addresses in your customer account.
To do this, log in via the menu "My account" on the site header and select "My account". To change the billing address select INVOICE ADDRESS, to add or change the delivery address select DELIVERY ADDRESS
Your changed addresses will come in effect from the next order.

Order history

You can view your past orders at any time under "Order History". You will find this in the customer account under the menu "My account" -> "My account" in the size header. Alternatively you can choose the following link: Order History »

Wish List

You can "add" interesting articles to your wish list. The function for this is called "Add to wish list" and you will find it with every article below the button "Add to basket". Please note that you must be logged in for this function. You can access your wish list on the site header via the menu "My account" and the sub-item "Wish List".

Alternatively you can choose the following link: Wish List »

You can select all articles from the wish list. If you have an orderable version on your wish list, you can easily add it to your shopping basket and order it directly.

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