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Hygiene protection and business equipment for the medical sector

Hygiene regulations play a particularly important role in the field of medicine and healthcare. With the right equipment for your practice or facility, you can set important hygiene standards and thus protect the health of patients and staff. The areas of application of our products for this sector range from the reception to the treatment room. Discover the most diverse products for more comfort and hygiene in your practice or facility.

Our top sellers for practices and medical facilities

Areas of application for our products

In our online shop you will find products for the reception, the waiting room and the treatment room. But the use of the products is not only suitable for the most diverse practices. Hospitals or other care and health facilities have also discovered our articles for themselves.

The field of healthcare includes the objectives of well-being and the prevention of diseases and their spread. To achieve these goals, a sterile and pleasant atmosphere is required. This can be positively influenced with certain equipment. Thus, taking hygienic aspects into account, a pleasant atmosphere is created when treating or visiting patients.

Well-being, more confidence and a containment of diseases can also be achieved by providing information. By displaying information material or protective measures against certain pathogens, you create transparency in your practice.

Inform attractively

We offer you the right options for passing on information to patients and visitors. By placing notices and information material attractively in frames and pockets, you not only protect your printouts but also ensure a high-quality presentation.

The frames or stands can be attached in various ways. You will find stands for tables and counters or floor stands. To save space, frames can be attached to the wall or suspended from the ceiling. In addition, the articles are ideal for cleaning and disinfection.

Use the following articles to inform in an appealing way:

Fully equipped

There are many options for the optimal furnishing of your medical practice or establishment. Through a chosen furnishing you convey a feeling of comfort and well-being to your patients. This feeling can be evoked by various items. Articles for hygiene protection such as a hygiene station create trust and enjoy high usage.

In addition to patients, staff and colleagues also benefit from extensive décor by enhancing your workplace. Below you will find some of our suggestions for a selected facility:

Exclusive solutions, directly from the manufacturer

Most of the products shown above are manufactured directly by VKF Renzel. Discover the products that suit you best or benefit from our many years of experience. We will be happy to advise you.

Thanks to our in-house print shop and local production, it is also possible to customise or print articles. Simply send us your enquiry.

Quality – made in Germany

We produce a large number of our goods at our headquarters in Germany

High quality materials

We value quality

Innovative technology

We use the latest machinery and proven techniques

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