Mandatory signs are indispensable signs in the safety management of your company. The uniform blue mandatory signs with pictogram-like, white representation of the body parts to be protected (eye protection, ear protection, head protection, etc.) are important articles for protecting employees from physical damage in corresponding danger areas. You can see a small selection below. In addition, we can procure any variant of the mandatory signs at short notice. Please contact us.
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Mandatory Signs - Safety Marking with a System

Increase safety in your company and order a mandatory sign of your choice. Because the safety signs, also known as mandatory signs, are easy for everyone to understand thanks to their easy-to-grasp pictograms and always have the same appearance: For example, the round signs with a blue background (RAL 5005 signal blue) always have a white border There is then a white symbol (RAL 9003 signal white) on the blue background. Use the mandatory signs to pass on important information quickly and directly and to draw attention to certain behaviour. Mandatory signs are binding and prescribe certain behaviour or actions. This is a simple and effective way to reach all employees.

These mandatory signs indicate the correct behaviour in the workplace

No matter whether it is about behaviour on machines, wearing protective equipment or a completely different commandment: Mandatory signs clearly and unambiguously indicate which behaviour is important to ensure occupational safety in your company. The sign Wear eye protection, for example, indicates appropriate health and accident protection to prevent employees at certain workplaces from having accidents with possible consequential damage to their eyes. The Wear Ear Defenders pictogram indicates where employees should beware of hearing damage, and the Wear a Hard Hat sign is the effective command sign to protect employees from serious head injuries in a sustainable and effective manner.

The special surplus in safety

Don't hesitate any longer and opt for the special plus in safety for your employees and the entire company. With these mandatory signs you are on the safe side. You can choose between self-adhesive foil and embossed aluminium - depending on the place of use and the desired application. While the mandatory signs with self-adhesive foil are more suitable for indoor use, the aluminium signs are also ideal for outdoor use. Due to their special resistance to weather conditions, the stable, unbreakable and lightweight aluminium mandatory signs can even be used in harsh environmental conditions. And the size of the desired mandatory sign is also freely selectable: from 10 cm to 20 cm to 31.5 cm. Decide now online for the desired model!
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