With checkout mirrors, surveillance mirrors and surveillance cameras, you can secure hard-to-see areas in shops, control the area next to the checkout conveyor and deter potential shoplifters.
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The Right Size for your Surveillance Mirror

Surveillance mirrors are a convenient way to view hard-to-see areas and shopping trolleys in the checkout area. In addition, potential shoplifters are deterrred from stealing because they already feel they are being watched simply by installing these security mirrors.

The mirrors have a deterrent effect on would-be thieves. To determine the correct mirror diameter, the distance of the person monitoring to the mirror and the distance of the object to be monitored to the mirror are decisive. If you add both distances, you can read off the appropriate mirror diameter from the table.

Order Surveillance Mirrors Online

Have you determined the appropriate mirror diameter? For short distances of up to 6 metres, we recommend using surveillance mirrors with a diameter of 300 mm. The Surveillance Mirror "Convex" and surveillance mirror are available for this purpose.

For distances up to 17 metres, choose the suitable variant of the surveillance mirror "Convex" or "Convex Slimline". For an all-round view, we recommend the 360° surveillance mirror. Do you have further questions or need advice on selection and equipment? Contact us, we will be happy to advise you.
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