Information Signs are used to communicate with customers, employees or visitors. They are therefore among the indispensable items for optimising safety and clarifying risks in companies.
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Disctinct, Signalling and Unmistakable

When referring to certain measures or precautions, it is important to communicate the information clearly. The articles communicate legally defined instructions as well as information about possible hazards and restrictions. With these various topics, it is important that you, as the entrepreneur, provide information about them. However, it is even more important that customers or employees notice the signs.

How do you ensure that the various signs are not overlooked? The expressiveness of the signs can be enhanced by the choice of colours, an appealing design and by their placement.

Signal colours such as red or green draw attention to themselves. The appearance of the signs can be further enhanced by an attractive print. This way, messages and information can be reinforced by using eye-catching colours.

Communication with Signs and Pictograms

Information signs serve to simplify communication between different groups of people. They communicate non-verbally various regulations, instructions or routes. As a rule, pictograms or symbols are used for this purpose. These are already recognisable from a distance and are also easily remembered.

We even come into contact with some pictograms throughout our lives. As a company, you can either use familiar shapes and symbols or you can use your own pictograms. In the latter case, individually printable information signs are used. By establishing your company's own pictograms, you can further extend your corporate identity and corporate image.

Use the information signs to facilitate communication internally or externally. Discover the many different symbols and shapes to point out certain facts. Choose the right sign for your purpose.

Facilitating Communication

Versatile Options for Mounting

Immediate Provision of Information or Advice

Installation of Information Signs

The mounting and position of the sign has a direct impact on the perception of customers, visitors and passers-by. With the various solutions in our shop, you not only provide information at different heights, allowing you to display information at the viewing height of your choice. You can also choose from various mounting options.

Which mounting is ideal for your business or situation? Depending on the location and the local conditions, different signs are suitable. The duration of use of the sign also plays a role. Is the information to be provided only briefly or is it a permanent notice that is to be affixed for the long term?

Do you want to draw attention in front of the entrance or on the sales floor? A floor stand or roller banner is mobile and can be placed anywhere. Along with stability, these items can be quickly dismantled or reassembled. This promotes flexibility in raising awareness of current circumstances.

Are you looking for signs to attach to doors, walls or objects? Pictograms and signs as self-adhesive film or stickers are ideal for this. they are easy to apply and can be attached to various surfaces. After use, the notices can be removed again without any problems.

Frames of various types are often used to display information signs or inserts in a high-quality manner. The frames with their simple design ensure that your notices and information materials are in the foreground. Choose a mounting that suits the conditions at your place of use.

Discover Corona Signs Online

During the Corona pandemic, it became commonplace for various companies to point out certain safety instructions and precautions. With the help of various printouts, signs, information displays or information frames, communication was generally facilitated. Various symbols and graphics are used to communicate the obligation to wear masks, the minimum distance or the use of air purifiers.

Thanks to the use of signal colours and different fixings, Corona signs draw immediate attention to themselves. You can attach the signs in different places and to different surfaces. Residue-free removal is a priority with these products.

Ensure that information and rules of conduct are passed on quickly with Corona signs. Create a pleasant and safe atmosphere by establishing certain hygiene rules in your company.

Signs as part of the Company Facilities

In addition to legally required notices, there are many other examples to draw the attention of customers and employees to dangers. Ensure safety in the company and on the company premises with photoluminescent signs and eye-catching pictograms. Choose the right sign to prevent damage to property and personal injury.

Information signs are not only used as mere signs in various businesses. These important components of business equipment also serve as signposts, warning signs or mandatory signs. In general, they serve to communicate various topics to customers or employees.

Classically, the information signs can be found on every door as a pictogram with pull / push. Placed as small stickers on the glass of the door, they are a small relief in everyday operations. The signal colours and additional arrows clearly convey the message.
Hinweisschild und Piktogramm für Türen

Signs for Video Surveillance in Companies

Among the various signs, there are also stickers that inform about video surveillance. In the case of video surveillance, a notice is required by law. This can be implemented with various stickers with camera symbol or inscription "This area is under video surveillance".

These and many other motifs, pictograms and signs are available online. An in-house print shop opens up further possibilities in the design and customisation of the various information signs. We will be happy to advise you on the various products at any time!

Are you looking for other options to inform effectively? Floor stickers are also suitable for communicating precautions, safety instructions or other information. By placing them on the floor, they can be applied flexibly. They immediately draw the attention of passers-by, customers and employees.
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