Warning signs are used to indicate hazards according to the DIN ISO 7010 standard. The yellow signs with black border are available in various materials. Warn of electrical voltage, hot surfaces and other potential risks. In addition to the selection below, we can procure various other variants of the warning signs at short notice.
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Warning Signs for Security in Your Company

Warning signs are indispensable signs in relation to safety management in your company. The signs clearly indicate sources of danger. They are attached to doors, windows, equipment or installations. The pictogram is clearly visible and informs about possible dangers.

The standardised warning signs are defined by a yellow base with a black frame. They have the shape of an isosceles triangle. In the centre of this area is the black pictogram. The appearance of the signs ensures maximum perception and easy understanding.

Use the signs to inform employees, customers or visitors about possible risks. In this way, it is in your hands to reduce the risk of accidents or damage. The application of the signs is extremely easy.

As a foil, simply stick the sign to the respective surface. As an aluminium sign, it is attached to the wall, over posts or with mounting material. Here you can choose from knotted chains, cable systems or stand-ups. Choose a central placement and attach it to the wall, ceiling or objects.

Marking according to DIN Standard

When displaying hazards, direct and unambiguous perception is necessary. Signal colours, pictograms and other graphic elements can be used to attract attention. In addition, a uniform standard has been decided upon for the design of labelling.

There are certain standards for prohibition signs, warning signs or escape route signs. This means that the signs always look the same. No matter which company or building you are in, the respective sign must comply with the standard. Corporate designs or other stylistic elements cannot distract from the message.

In addition, the various signs are internationally understandable. From the "No Smoking" sign to the fire protection sign, the design is standardised. Choose between the different motifs and signs according to the standard. Use the signs to point out dangers and risks in accordance with the regulations.

Mandatory signs according to standard

Use mandatory signs to request a certain action. As a rule, these are recommendations to avoid accidents. A white pictogram on a blue surface represents the request.


Prohibition signs according to standard

They communicate the indication to refrain from an action. The clear red circle with crossbar makes the signs recognisable from a distance. The action is depicted by a black, characteristic pictogram.


Warning signs according to standard

With a warning sign you indicate potential dangers or obstacles. The triangle-shaped signs are designed in black and yellow. A pictogram in the middle ensures clear recognition of the potential danger.

Signs made of different Materials

They are hung on walls, in stairwells, fences, machines and other places. Companies, public institutions or property developers use these signs to transparently point out risks. Possible obstacles and dangers are perceived in this way. The placement as well as the size of the warning sign naturally plays a central role.

Among other things, the warning symbols are used in the workplace. Here you inform your employees about the situation and obstacles or dangers. Accordingly, they can adapt their behaviour and work to the situation in the best possible way. Avoid unnecessary risks through early, comprehensive and clearly visible labelling.

You can choose not only from the motifs shown above, but also from many others. The warning symbol is available as an aluminium sign or self-adhesive foil. You can adapt the material to your area of application. You can choose between classic sign mounting with the aluminium material or sticking on with the warning symbol as a foil.


Warning Signs for Indoor and Outdoor Use

Mark hazardous areas indoors and outdoors. Prevent lightfast and long-lasting hazards in accordance with ASR A1.3 and DIN EN ISO 7010. The signs are not only widely used, but the danger can also be immediately assessed without prior knowledge. Use the range of warning symbols to point out dangers in or around your company.

Use general warning signs and specific hazard symbols from our range. Prioritise the health of employees, business partners and customers by marking hazards accordingly. Our warning signs increase safety and are also quick to attach.

Choose one of the warning signs in our online shop now. Can't find the right symbol? Contact us to order more signs made of the different materials! We will supply you with the right warning sign for indoor and outdoor use!
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