Multi Pocket Info Displays offer the viewer versatile information at a glance. As such, it is hard to imagine the range of trade fair and event equipment without them as modern and clearly arranged information stands.
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Versatile Multi Pocket Info Displays for every Business Area

Also as real estate display they offer interested visitors an impressive overview of the current real estate offer. Because the multi pocket info displays, which are equipped with various pockets and insertable compartments, score with generous advertising space for the presentation of information material on both sides.  In this way, the real estate offer can be read in a well-ordered and compact way and is easy and uncomplicated to attach. Whether equipped with 20, 12 or 8 equally sized information pockets, whether with a more or less strong aluminium frame: Take advantage of the many different possibilities that multi pocket info displays offer for presenting the offer.

Are you looking for a versatile multi pocket info displays that offers your customers a well-ordered overview of specific products and promotions? At the same time, the multi pocket info display should be ideally integrated into the showrooms or even the shop window area?  Then you are sure to find the right one here:  Because we stock many different multi pocket info displays in different sizes, arrangements, shapes and designs. The Info Stand "Broker II", for example, is not only a popular real estate display in the real estate sector: With 20 acrylic pockets arranged next to each other, the display offers the viewer a particularly compact and very legible product overview, even through shop windows. But also the Broker Display "Quattro" scores with an ordered and clearly arranged advertising space. The light aluminium base frame combined with a practical wire system for attaching the 8 acrylic pockets provides the ideal overview for the viewer.

Multi Pocket Info Stand: Display Stand with outstanding Functionality

Of course, the choice of a suitable multi pocket information stand depends on the area of application. This determines the dimensions of the information stand as well as the complete size and composition. In addition to estate agents and real estate offices, who present their offers with this advertising medium, many companies also use the multi pocket info displays in entrance and reception areas, in meeting rooms, in training, exhibition and conference areas. The good functionality, practical design and lightweight materials make the info displays popular advertising media. Discreet, versatile and elegant, the modern displays quickly harmonise with any room concept.
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