A-boards, also known as sandwich boards are a cost-effective way to draw your customer’s attention to your business’ hours of operation, contact information or promotional special events, products, sales, or services.
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A-Boards for Business Advertising

Our A-boards are offered in different wood, plastic, and aluminium variations. They exist of two snap frames that are hinged together at the top to make the shape of an “A”.

They go by many different names including A-frame boards and A-frame sign boards. They are popularly used by businesses, on pavement and other walkways. They are a cost-effective form of outdoor advertising, to draw the attention of potential customers.

A-Boards have many uses for a variety of businesses to promote their products and services. Some such businesses include restaurants and cafes to advertise their menus and specials. Locations that are optimal for your business to reach high levels of customer visibility can include the pavement, and busy intersections. A-board signs provide many advantages.

Easy Portability

Easy to move when high traffic areas change

High Visibility

Reach your target group faster and more effectively 

Easy Maintenance

User-friendly: Easily erase the old inscription and write a new one


Signs can be used by a wide range of businesses

Advantages of A-Boards

  • Easy portability
  • High visibility by placing in high levels of foot traffic
  • Easy maintenance
  • For all kind of businesses
Businesses can do so much more than just write on them. The versatility of A-board signs allows for businesses to also include text, images, posters, and graphics. Important information, such as hours of operation, contact information or promotional special events, products, sales, or services can also be displayed on A-boards.

Versatility of A-Boards

We offer here on our site many different styles and sizes of A-frame sign boards. We offer wooden and plastic frame A-boards with two-sided chalkboard displays to write on. If you want to make your message stand out, you can use either normal chalk or illumigraph chalk markers to write on the chalkboards to display your advertisement.

Whiteboards with an aluminium frame are also offered as a sleek option to write on in order to advertise your information. With chalkboard and whiteboard options you can very easily change your displayed message. If you have daily changing deals or specials, our whiteboard and chalkboard options could be the right choice for you. Easily erase the old inscription easily with a cloth and write a new one. They are both very user-friendly, efficient, and effective at bringing customers in.   

If you are looking for an A-board to display your posters, we also have many aluminium A-frame sign boards that can display your posters beautifully. If there windy or stormy weather conditions, we also have many waterproof options. Should you want to display your poster in multiple directions, the Waterproof Triangular Stand “Solid-ECO” could be the right option for you. This aluminium triangular stand allows an optimal 360-degree presentation of your offers and information.

An A-frame board that benefits from windy conditions is the Rotating sign “Windy”, which includes a rotating header made of polystyrene. This header can be individually printed and is designed to catch the wind and rotate to even better catch the eye of customers who are passing by.

If you are interested in your own business’ logo being printed to display in heavy foot traffic, we offer aluminium A-board signs where you can individually print your board to specifically meet your needs. Whether it be on a decorative banner for a frameless look like with the Stretch Frame Pavement Sign or on a header like the Rainwaterproof “Nordic” Pavement Sign, we have a sign that can fit every need.

Large Offer for Every Purpose

We offer here on our site many different types of A-frame sign boards. These include wooden, aluminium, plastic, and waterproof variations. Our wooden A-Boards are made of durable woods and are made for indoors and outdoors.

They can be used with chalk or non-permanent markers to easily change your daily offers and sales. With Pavement Display “Fast Switch” you can change the wooden frame colour to match your business’ branding.

Aluminium A-Boards use metal frames as a more durable option. We offer different sizes and types of aluminium A-Boards with galvanized metal and anti-reflective, UV-Stabilised covers. 

We also offer Stretch Frame Pavement signs, which uses a steel frame and feet for stability. We use stretch frame technology to give your advertisement a frameless optic. Waterproof board options, which are an even more durable option resistant to the elements, are offered by us in different colours, sizes, and styles.


Special A-Board Signs

If your business is located in especially windy or “stormy” areas, the Waterproof Poster WindSign “Seal” or the write-on WindSign "Madera" might be the right choice. With efficient sealing technology, these options are meant for permanent outdoor use and have a fillable plastic base.

They can be filled with water or sand to keep it firmly in place. Should the elements get a little rougher, these signs include spring technology for stability. Both signs also offer individual printing options and the ability to exchange advertisement posters as promotions change. Different sizes and colours are offered.

When deciding on what kind of A-board you would like to advertise with, it is important to consider the size and weight. If you are moving them often, a lighter or smaller frame, or a frame with wheels might be considered. If you are advertising your business outside in harsher weather conditions, a heavier sign might be desired as to keep it firmly in place.

Search through our assortment now and find the perfect A-board for your business. Ddisplay advertisement information, images and graphics in no time!

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