Information stands for the floor are suitable for presenting information leaflets and posters. High-quality presentation immediately draws the attention of passers-by to your offers.
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Articles for the presentation of posters and information leaflets

No matter whether you are looking for an information stand for trade fairs, events, exhibitions or other events. Or whether you want to equip your business premises, practices or offices with the poster stand.

Information stands are simply part of the basic equipment in many different public institutions and companies. At the same time, they are characterised by their very easy and uncomplicated handling. Because the individual motifs for an information stand can be exchanged in just a few simple steps.

Your notices can be put up quickly by simply pushing them in or with a folding function. A U-shaped pocket or protective film ensures that the prints do not come into contact with external influences. This means that you can use the same notices again and again in the long term. This saves costs and effort.

Inside the click frames or U-pockets there is room for contents in different formats. In addition to classic poster sizes such as A1 and A2, there are many other sizes. Smaller information sheets or inserts also find room in the display. Thus, matching prints can be printed easily with the classic office printer.

The formats A4 and A3 have proven to be popular. The orientation in portrait or landscape format is free with many of our products. This way you benefit from advertising media that are characterised by their outstanding flexibility and long-lasting use. This means more options are available when designing the advertising media.

Information Stands for indoor and Outdoor Use

In this assortment there are mainly floor stands for indoor use. The information stands are to be placed at the entrance or anywhere in the sales room. They can be used for price labelling, advertising purposes or as information stands.

Not only the flexible use, but also the simple appearance allows a versatile application. Thanks to these features, the classic information stand appears almost everywhere. You can find it in shops, restaurants or in hospitals.

However, most of these items are not suitable for outdoor marketing. Unlike weatherproof pavement signs, they do not have the same robustness and profile technology. The indoor displays can be used outside for a short time in good weather. If they are used outdoors for a long time, you have to expect damage to the product.

For outdoor use we recommend our outdoor advertising stands. Among them you will find the weatherproof A Boards, pavement signs and wind signs. These outdoor displays offer space for large-area poster formats or your own designs with chalk markers. Even from a distance, passers-by are confronted with your advertising.

The attention that pavement signs arouse outside is attracted by the indoor displays inside. By means of floor stands of different heights and even extendable ones, the promotion at an optimal viewing height is easily possible. Our articles are ideal for providing information or advertising in the immediate vicinity of the product.

Among other things, this feature also plays an important role in price labelling. The price should be displayed in close proximity to the product. This is why it is so important that the information stands offer a certain degree of flexibility. The height-adjustable stands can be optimally adjusted to the shelf height or the size of the product.

This changeability is also an important factor in promotion. Advertising for offers, products or events can be placed inside. Thanks to easy handling, contents can be changed in no time at all. The advertising can be changed quickly. Short-term discount campaigns and sales are thus spontaneously realisable and can be advertised.

Just as quickly, important tips and information are immediately accessible. The information is presented in a high-quality way and is generally noticed by passers-by. Instead of loose information sheets or taped notices, floor-standing information stands offer a solid and durable solution.

Making Advertising work with Information Stands

In the online assortment you will find a large number of displays. The information stands shown above are suitable for a wide range of possibilities. The stands have different features. Decide which one suits you best.

The information stands are classic floor stands for indoor use. All in all, they can all be used to display advertising or information content. A distinction can first be made in the insert format of the information stands. In this way you decide which format the stand should have.

Further differentiation can be achieved by the shape and versatile designs. The various inserts are placed in click frames, insert frames or poster frames. Each of these variants is recommended for easy handling and quick exchange of contents.
Click frames are defined by the exchange of contents with snap function. They consist of four frame elements that can be opened and closed individually. A protective cover can be easily inserted inside. Equipped with a cover, contents can be protected from liquids or other soiling.

Covers lay protectively around your print media. It not only prevents posters and billboards from becoming soiled, but also protects against UV rays. The fading of colours is thus counteracted. The covers are held in position in the click frame.

Usually a cover is included with various information displays or available as an accessory. For poster frames or slide-in frames, U-shaped pockets made of PVC or other materials are used instead of covers. These also provide a certain protection for your contents.
Covers for information displays and info stands

U-pockets and acrylic pockets are used for poster frames and insert frames. Pockets are inserted into the frame of the information stands. The insert or notice is then pushed into the U-pockets. The pockets and foils are available in various formats.

The various frames are extended with a stand tube and a stable base. Various base materials allow different designs with a stable stand. Our products made of aluminium have a high-quality powder-coated surface.

In addition to sloping frames or curved tubing, we also offer straight information stands. Our basic frames offer a particularly wide range of uses. The frame consisting of base and tube can be flexibly adapted with the appropriate accessories.

Decide here now for the poster stand that best fits your wishes. Whether for single or double-sided use, whether with an additional compartment or in the eye-catching LED version. With our range of information stands, we offer you the right basic equipment for every type of advertising and information.

Information Stands in various Designs

Various information stands shown as a collage

With the help of the versatile click frame technology, posters and billboards can be exchanged with a few simple steps. The poster stands can thus be used quickly and easily for new campaigns and ideas. In addition to their ease of use, the low weight of the aluminium information stands also speaks for the use of the stands.

This ensures easy transport. It also makes the information stands practical equipment at trade fairs, events and functions of all kinds. You too can use the versatile information stands and poster stands. Choose the model that best meets your requirements for design and handling.

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