In this section you will find the large group of data strips which are fixed to the shelf by means of suitable adhesive tape

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Data Strip for your Shelf

With the help of data strips, prices can be clearly visible and attractively displayed on the shelf. You insert your labels inside the strips. This means you can display prices and mandatory product information in the immediate vicinity of the product. The transparent strip presents the contents in a clearly visible way, while at the same time protecting them from soiling.

By placing them in your store, you benefit from increased visibility of the prices. The uniform and quick location of information makes shopping easier for customers. With colourful accents on the label, you can direct the attention of customers in a targeted manner. In addition, you score points with your target group through high-quality and professional shop fittings.

The use of data strips is not only well received by customers. Your employees also benefit from the use of high-quality shelf label holder. Equipped with dust protection and a reading edge, they make everyday work easier. Changing labels within the price rail on the shelf is quick and uncomplicated.

Discover the wide range of our data strips and choose the right one for your application. In addition to the classic use on the retail shelf, the articles are also used in the warehouse or production. Here they are used, among other things, to identify goods on the warehouse racks.


Data Strip with double Insert

Self adhesive Data Strip with double Insert

Data Strip with Grip Edge

self adhesive Data Strip with Grip Edge

Data Strip with attractive Reading Angle

Data Strip with Reading Angle

Self-adhesive Data Strips to stick on the Retail Shelf

We offer you not only standard ticket strips, but also models for special shelves. You can choose from different profiles as well as the insertion height and the adhesive. In this way, you tailor the rail exactly to your area of application. The length of your shelf rail is freely selectable between 50 and 2520 mm.

The insertion height is the height of your insert. What is the height or format of your labels? Overall, it can be said that the insertion heights 26 mm, 39 mm and 52 mm in particular are frequently chosen. Use our filters to display all self-adhesive data strips with 39 mm insertion.

In addition to the insertion height, the fastening plays a major role. There are price rails for clipping on, for wire baskets, glass and wooden shelves or for gluing. For the self-adhesive data strips, there is also a choice of different adhesives. We offer fleece, foam or textile adhesive tape for permanent applications.

To ensure long-term adhesion of the adhesive tapes, there are a few aspects to consider when sticking them onto the shelf. For optimal adhesion, the surface must be free of dust and grease. For old adhesive residues, an adhesive remover will help, and for other dirt, an industrial cleaner. Glue the strips at room temperature and press the profiles on sufficiently.

Adhesive Data Strips - choose the right Adhesive Tape:

Fleece tape: Standard adhesive tape for all permanent applications on smooth, polar surfaces. Polar surfaces are characterised by a high wettability of the energy of the surface. These include aluminium, polyester or steel.
Foam tape: This adhesive tape is suitable for all permanent applications on smooth as well as rougher surfaces. The adhesive is characterised by very good stretching properties.
Textile tape: With this universal adhesive tape, you can permanently attach price rails to rougher as well as fibrous surfaces.
The respective adhesives can be selected in different heights depending on the ticket strip. Decide now on the optimal adhesive for your shelf. We will be happy to help you with this decision!

Data Strips in various Designs

We offer you the right data strip to stick to your shelf. Choose between rails with a grip edge, a specific reading angle or double insertion. Discover the wide range of data strip for your Point of Sale. Thanks to the simple and durable gluing, the rails can be used for different shelf types and purposes.

We also offer shelf strips made of PET as a supplementary material. You will also find aluminium price rails in our online shop. So you have the choice between different high-quality materials. The aluminium ticket rail can be attached with adhesive tape, magnetic tape or screws.

Draw attention to your price labelling at the optimum reading angle or opt for a practical grip edge. This supports you when changing inserts and labels. Discover swivelling and many other profiles in our range. In addition, we offer you the possibility to produce special designs.
data strip mounted to shelf including price label

Advantages of our Adhesive Data Strips:

✓own production
✓ can be customised
✓ large standard selection
✓ for all shelf types

Exactly suitable for your Point of Sale

Improve the shopping experience in your store through effective shelf optimisation. You can score points with your customers through comprehensive shelf organisation and attractive price labelling. With an appropriate adhesive data strip, you can benefit from tidiness on the shelf within a very short time.

Use front risers, shelf wobblers or shelf dividers to further equip your shelves. Front risers or front stoppers are perfect for placing advertising on the shelf. This way you can highlight products on the shelf.

In addition to shelf advertising, you can also draw attention to products with an appropriate shelf arrangement. Use our shelf dividers and product pusher systems to present products in an appealing way.

Discover the full range of shelf optimisation and labelling to realise your potential at the Point of Sale. Choose between different adhesive data strips and establish an appealing and uniform price labelling at the shelf. Contact us now, together we will find the ideal rail for your purpose!
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