Is my business prepared for the reopening?

Aids for Compliance with Hygiene Requirements

Companies are supposed to introduce a certain hygiene concept or protection concept for your company.

But how should such a concept be implemented? Which requirements must be observed? And how can employees and customers be protected most effectively without major restrictions in operation?


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The restart of the business is a first step towards a return to public life. This significant first step should be taken with care. Therefore, the government imposes various requirements and measures to increase hygiene protection in stores.

Until now, however, there are still few guidelines for entrepreneurs to follow. We want to fill this unsettling gap of information and thus metaphorically accompany you on the way to reopening. To this end, this blog aims to clarify the following essential questions:
  1. What are the requirements?
  2. How can these conditions be met in certain industries?
  3. What products effectively help with compliance?

What are the Guidelines?

In order to continue to contain the spread of the Covid 19 Virus, the ministries are talking about hygiene requirements that must be implemented. However, when it comes to defining these guidelines and implementing them, the politicians leave room for interpretation. The only thing that is clear is that operations cannot continue as they were before the closure. Changes have to be made.

What needs to be changed in the company? Companies find themselves in the position of having to reorganize general hygiene protection, access and customer flows in their business. The implementation of the requirements is then sporadically checked by the local regulatory office.

The public order office will check the prevention of queues, the limitation of visitors as well as the guidelines for the prohibition of contact in the stores. To this should be added information about the measures applied or the protection concept. This is the only way to create a feeling of security and trust among customers, visitors or patients.

Which Products Meet the Hygiene Requirements?

VKF Renzel GmbH has developed a range of products in a very short time that helps companies in a wide variety of industries to set hygiene standards. In addition, we offer various solutions to inform your visitors, customers or passers-by about these standards.

In this time of rapid changes and short-term adaptation of your operations, we want to save you a step. Therefore, we offer various notices as a free download. Here you will find appealing and high-quality designs on the topics of mouth protection, minimum distance and more.

Access Control

Unfortunately, you cannot allow passers-by and customers unrestricted access to your store during the Corona crisis. The number of people in a confined space must be controlled and queues must be avoided. By separating rooms and areas with partitions or barrier stands, you direct people in a targeted manner and gain influence over their stay in the store. In addition to defining specific routes or areas, the partitions also have a protective effect by providing a kind of large spit shield.

Social Distancing Compliance

Despite the openings of stores, the ban on contact remains in place. Of course, the ban must now be applied in the various facilities and businesses. Here, the minimum distance of 1.5 (better 2) meters must be maintained. In the case of personal components of the purchasing process, such as a consultation or payment, the parties must therefore be adequately protected. In addition to a spit guard, wearing a mouth protection mask helps to prevent the exchange of bacteria and possible pathogens.

Hygiene Protection

Parallel to Social Distancing Compliance, the goal should be to set one's own certain hygiene standard in the company. By using disinfection columns or frequent cleaning, one can ensure a certain level of cleanliness and sterility. The protection not only serves the customers, but also benefits employees and colleagues. It provides a safe and clean workplace. Who does not wish for that?

Is Your Company Prepared?

The goal of the entire economy is to ensure that the course toward a return to public life is maintained. This is also why the careful implementation of the protective conditions is so important.

The products presented above will help you in the important step of reopening. While maintaining the conditions of the no-contact rule and regulating access to your store, you can protect customers and employees. You will be able to withstand inspections by the regulatory authorities without any problems. Your business can be restarted.

In addition to revitalizing your own business, you also help mobilize the economy. By the compliance of their business and some others, you open the opportunity for other businesses such as restaurants, event organizers or service providers on their reopening.

As an expert in sales promotion, we are available to advise you on the implementation of the government's regulations and accompany you during the reopening as well as during the ongoing Corona crisis with a wide range of products.

Your VKF Renzel Team

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