Sustainability and Growing Environmental Awareness Bring VKF Renzel and TINKS Together

Everyone knows that the environment is a good thing. But only a few people know that you can already focus on sustainability when setting up your business. Many people still think that a single person alone can do little compared to large companies. Exactly this thought has led to a cooperation of the company VKF Renzel and the consumer market TINKS.
Baran Biner (Department Manager VKF Renzel) and Dominik Grohs (Sales Manager TINKS) are pleased about a successful cooperation

For more than 10 years, VKF Renzel, one of the largest companies for sales promotion on the German market, has been dealing with the issue of sustainability and has been constantly searching for alternatives to conventional plastic. Already in 2011, the first saleable products made of PLA were added to the range. In the meantime, the range offers a variety of products that are made from bio or natural material-based plastic, consist of recycled plastic or help to reduce outer packaging.

Sustainability All Along the Line

The new Garden, DIY and Hardware Store TINKS is also committed to sustainability. Anyone who shops here automatically buys in an environmentally conscious way. The store offers its customers a wide range of products that has been developed and compiled with sustainability in mind. Environmentally conscious products as well as local products are the focus. In addition, care was also taken to use sustainable and climate-friendly products when setting up the store.
During the search for suitable suppliers for the market furnishing, TINKS became attentive to VKF Renzel.

Same Quality - Only More Environmentally Conscious

"Especially the recyclates were interesting for TINKS," reports Dominik Grohs, Sales Manager TINKS. So the decision was made to use Shelf Edge Strips made of Recycled Materials for price labeling on the shelf.
"There is no difference for the viewer. The properties and durability are also no different from conventional price rails. However, these rails are made from old goods that have been shredded, pulverized and then reprocessed. In this way, raw materials are conserved and the recycling loop is closed," explains Baran Biner, department manager for scanner rails made of PET and alternative raw materials at VKF Renzel.

The same process was used to produce the Shopping Baskets available in the store. "The basket was printed to our specifications and is also 100% recyclable," explains Grohs. "Another easy way for us to work sustainably is to use Chalk Boards. They're quickly wiped down and re-labeled. That saves a lot of paper." Here, too, Grohs has found what he is looking for in VKF Renzel's large and versatile range. 
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