EuroShop 2023

EuroShop 2023 - The Future of Retail

At this year's EuroShop in Düsseldorf, VKF Renzel GmbH presented itself to the international trade audience as an innovative and forward-looking full-service provider for the POS.

The subsidiaries Kioske, troniTAG as well as the start-up Prevact accompanied VKF Renzel and supplemented the extensive POS range with further advanced products from sales promotion.

Focus on Sustainability

The aspect of sustainability in particular met with lively interest from the customers. This idea was taken up in many subject areas. For example, used goods and scrap material are granulated and are then available again as new material for processing.

The recycled products created in this way have no loss of quality and stability, regardless of whether they are further processed into a shelf divider, pusher, price rail or shopping basket.

EuroShop 2023
Natural raw materials, such as wood from certified cultivation, were also in focus. Above all, the possibility of bending wood by means of special laser processing and thus shipping it flat opens up new savings potential for the customer when shipping. Advertising materials and giveaways made from marine plastics, recycled materials or natural raw materials such as cork rounded off the theme.

Sales Potentials through Innovative Shelf Optimisation

In the area of shelving innovations, the "TurnLoader Ambient" is one of the highlights. With this shelving system, which is now also used outside the refrigeration units, the shelves are filled from behind. This not only saves time and reduces labour costs, but also allows more shelves to be used in the same space. This in turn increases the attractiveness for the customer.

In the field of price labelling, fasteners for electronic price labels (ESL) continue to be in high demand. VKF Renzel offers fasteners for all applications as well as all leading ESL manufacturers and can also provide special solutions.

With Specialised Partners Towards the Future

EuroShop 2023 was a complete success for VKF Renzel GmbH as well as for Kioske, troniTag and Prevact. The numerous visitors to the stand showed great interest in the innovative products and solutions and thus ensured a positive response.

With the joint start-up company "Prevact", the idea of "unpackaged goods" was taken to a new level. By means of a unique dosing and weighing technology, which is protected as a utility model, a filling accurate to the gram is guaranteed without loss of food.

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