With mobile advertising trailers, you can advertise your company flexibly. Place the advertising trailer in your car park, at junctions or in open spaces - always where you expect the greatest effect for your advertising message. You will generate a large number of visual contacts.
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Advertising Trailers - Effective Marketing Measures on the Road

Advertising trailers pulled by cars or bicycles are mobile marketing tools that utilize the mobility of vehicles to promote products, services, or events. These trailers are typically designed with attention-grabbing visuals, branding elements, and messaging to attract the attention of people in public spaces.

Advertising Trailers pulled by Cars

Car advertising trailers also known as mobile billboards or mobile ads, utilize a trailer that is attached to a car and features large advertising surfaces. These trailers are driven through specific locations, such as bustling city streets or event venues, where they can reach a broad audience. This type of marketing provides excellent visibility and is especially advantageous in densely populated regions.

Here at VKF Renzel we offer 2 types of mobile advertising trailers towed by cars.

1. Mobile Billboard Trailer

The Mobile Billboard Trailer is the ideal advertsing trailer for an effective and targeted advertising campaign. The billboard trailer can be pulled from the car, making it a real eye-catcher on the streets.

The easy replacement and updating of printed banners allows you to quickly and easily adapt your advertising message. The large banner size allows for a clear and distinct display of your advertising message. With your logo and brand exposed on both sides, you achieve maximum visibility.

The printed banner trailer can also be parked in busy locations to increase the attention of potential customers. The base frame made of steel guarantees high stability and durability. Use the Mobile Billboard Trailer to advertise your brand in an inexpensive and effective way.
advertising trailer promoting a music event

2. Cargo Trailers

Cargo trailers with printed tarpaulin are an excellent promotional tool for companies who want to present their brand and logo on the road and when parked. The printed tarpaulin are made from high quality branded material and can be customised.

The trailer is mobile and transports your cargo to any destination while exposing your advertising message. Park the trailer on the street side of your premises to continue advertising even when the cargo trailer is not in use.

The sturdy steel frame ensures a high load-bearing capacity and enables the transport of all types of cargo. Cargo trailers are available in different sizes and load capacities to meet the customer's requirements. The printed tarpaulins are a long-term advertisement that is visible during every transport and every use.

The cargo trailer with printed tarpaulin offers numerous advantages for companies that want to place their brand and advertising messages in the best possible way. Mobile advertising on the road and while parked is an effective way to attract attention and increase awareness of potential new customers. The cargo trailer is also a practical means of transport that keeps business running smoothly.

Marketing Trailers pulled by Bike

Bicycle advertising trailers consist of a one or two wheel trailer with frame which holds a double-sided advertisement banner. It can be attached to any bicycle and can be towed easily. 

Mobile bike trailers are often light and compact, making them easy to handle and adaptable in accessing various places.

View Bicycle Trailer "Clever"
Mobile bicycle billboards are frequently utilized in metropolitan settings, where they can move through pedestrian zones, parks, or other locations with high foot traffic.

Bicycle Trailer provide a more environmentally friendly and economical substitute for car advertising trailers and at the same time an excellent marketing tool that enables targeted communication.

Marketing trailers for cars and bicycles can be tailored to fit particular advertising campaigns. They may showcase striking visuals, slogans, and contact details to boost brand recognition, increase revenue, advertise events and win new potential customers. These trailers have the added benefit of being mobile, allowing them to reach a diverse audience in various places. As a result, they are an effective form of out-of-home advertising.

Overall, advertising trailers pulled by cars or bicycles offer a unique and engaging way to present brands and products while in motion. This uses the visibility and mobility of vehicles to draw the attention of potential customers in public spaces.
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