Promotional window foils are an integral part in the field of advertising technology and outdoor advertising. The self-adhesive films are suitable for indoor and outdoor use and can serve as individual film stickers for various advertising purposes. Discover the countless applications of monomeric and polymeric films. Have the selected adhesive film printed now.
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Use Foils Effectively for your Sales Promotion

Modern advertising is placed in a variety of places and on a variety of surfaces. Various advertising techniques can be found outdoors and indoors. Foils and stickers play an important role in this area. They enjoy great popularity, as they are quick, easy and can be placed anywhere.

This benefit ensures the wide and frequent use of this advertising technology. It is not only easy but also flexible to apply. Any smooth surface provides the optimal conditions for a good grip. This can be a shop window, a shelf system or a vehicle.

For rough surfaces, you can also find the right advertising films in our range. Through the selection of different advertising films, we enable the use of film advertising on any surface. The result is an optimal hold in the different areas of application.

Cleaning the smooth surface before applying the sticker can ensure even better adhesion. Dust and other small particles are removed in the process. Such particles are capable of negatively influencing the interaction between the adhesive and the surface.

In addition to the simple application, companies benefit from the free design of the materials. These can be adapted to any desired shape with the highest precision. This means that both classic and unusual shapes and formats can be implemented at any time. In addition to the free choice of film shape, there is also flexibility in the design of the motif.

Different motifs can be realized with the help of various printing methods. We manufacture and print your promotional films according to your ideas. For some films, we also offer a protective lamination. This supports the longevity of your advertising film.

Remove Foil

Peeling Off the Protective Film for Advertising Film


Adhesion of the Advertising Film


Tightening the Suction Cup Foil

Optimal Adaptation to the Respective Surface

There are several types of advertising foils. These differ on the one hand in the production / material, but also in the use later on. Due to the varying properties, one is more suitable for one area of application than the other..

Another property in which advertising films differ is their durability. There are polymeric and monomeric films. Due to significant differences at the molecular level, the polymeric models are more suitable for long-term use. Therefore, if you want to advertise with the promotional films in the long term, such a film must be used.

Such a long-term use of these advertising materials is given, among other things, in the lettering of cars. The decoration of shop windows with glass decoration film or the application of advertising stickers on sales counters correspond to a shorter use. You can have the film for the corresponding area of application printed by us.

With glossy or matte film, the films can be used as outdoor advertising, POS or banner advertising. In our online store you will find different film materials, which are suitable for different surfaces and areas. By choosing the optimal film for your needs, you ensure high quality reproduction and perfect suitability.

Our Adhesive Films for your Needs

Glass decoration film is especially popular in the visual design of shop windows, as well as glass walls in offices. This film is a kind of window stickers. These are suitable for any glass panes, as well as for mirrors. In the further processing of these films creates a sandblasting effect, which is also suitable as a privacy screen.

The window stickers with light silver effect are suitable for long-term use. The film is permanently adhesive and can be used as a decorative, discreet or surface sticker. By making up to a figurative shape, the film creates amazing effects in your store or office interior.

Compared to other advertising films, Dot film has spot adhesive. Due to the air channels between the adhesive, the film is easy to apply and also to remove. If one slips while sticking, this type of film makes adjustments possible. In general, gluing or attaching here is very simple and can succeed even by laymen without bubbles.

The printed film can be used in indoor and outdoor applications. Behind glass panes, at sales counters or at trade fairs, the air duct films are popular. They are ideally suited for the reproduction of short-term content. After use, the dot films can be removed without residue.

Indoor Use

Use of Advertising Film in the Shop Window

Outdoor Use

Advertising foils for Outdoor Use
You want to advertise outdoors? The space in pedestrian zones or in front of your entrance is ideal for unique ground advertising. The often unused advertising space can be effectively utilized with advertising films including printing. Our street foil holds on asphalt, concrete, screed, paving stones, stairs and more.

Use this type of outdoor advertising to place advertising on the ground. Guarantee yourself the looks of passers-by and draw attention to your offer. The semi-permanent film reproduces your advertising content optimally and convinces with long adhesive force.

Another self-adhesive film can be found in the adhesive PVC sheet. This sheet can be applied as a banner material with a satin finish on smooth surfaces. The application turns out to be easy, because the product is easily removable and repositionable. With up to three years durability, it can also be used to display long-term advertising messages.

Finally, there is the option to use a cast foil. The foil, equipped with digital printing on one side, offers optimal properties for long-term use as well as high adhesive strength. Since cast foil is UV-resistant, fading of the advertising message is prevented. The longevity of this advertising foil can be extended by an additional glossy protective lamination.

Car Lettering

The popular adhesive films can be found in a wide variety of applications. One of these applications is vehicle wrapping. In addition to car wrapping, the lettering of cars is also a large application branch of advertising films. In glossy or matt optics, the different foils can be seen on many different types of vehicles.

Logos, company names and even large-scale advertising in corporate design draw attention to your company in traffic. Use the free spaces of your company's fleet vehicles as mobile advertising space. In cities, on the highway and in parking lots, your advertising is always present.

At the same time, they can continue to treat the car models in your fleet as normal. You have no restrictions on washing and cleaning. Order from us the high-quality foil stickers for your vehicles.

You do not trust yourself to foil the car? On request, we are happy to help you with the foiling. With many years of experience in the field of car lettering, we are happy to assist you. On request, we can also offer a lettering here on site. Use previously unused areas with expressive advertising films!
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