Promotional bike racks not only offer a safe parking option. At the same time, they provide an attractive advertising space for your outdoor advertising. Choose a bicycle stand with advertising space. You can have your bicycle rack with advertising printed in high quality with us.
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Bicycle stand with advertising space: outdoor advertising medium

Bicycles are still one of the most popular means of transport. This means that your clientele can also reach you by bike. Our high-quality bicycle stands with advertising not only offer your customers a safe place to park their bikes. The eye-catching advertising media also advertise your company at the same time.

Eye-catching bike racks are by no means only noticed by cyclists. In the city centre with many pedestrians and bicycles, a bicycle parking stand is one of the most effective advertising spaces. It is noticed by cyclists looking for a safe parking space and, of course, also by passers-by without a bicycle.

Successful advertising media have always linked people's everyday lives with an advertising message. This message is absorbed "incidentally" and stored in the memory. This is the reason why high-quality bicycle stands with advertising are promising advertising media.


Bicycle Racks with Leaning Bars

  • two-sided parking option
  • offers space for 12 bicycles
  • sheathed frame rests protects the bike
  • integrated eyelets for fastening and protection against theft

Various promotional Bike Stand Displays

If you are looking for a flexible advertising space, a bicycle stand with a waterproof aluminium click frame is the best choice. The advertising posters can be replaced quickly and easily. The aluminium profiles are opened, the old content removed, the new poster inserted, profiles closed, done!

This bicycle rack can be used from both sides. It is therefore advantageous to fit the double-sided aluminium snap frame in A1 landscape format with two, possibly different posters.

The bicycle stand also has a large, double-sided, waterproof aluminium folding frame in A1 portrait format. Therefore the bike rack offers generous park spacing. Even mountain bikes with wider tyres can be "parked" here.

In our selection of bicycle racks, you are sure to find one suitable for your business. Choose between bicycle stands with or without advertising space or opt for a bike rack with an aluminium frame. This serves as a service for your customers and as an advertising partner for you!

Promotional Bicycle Stand with Aluminium Click Frame

Advertising bike stands: outdoor advertising in the transport sector

Bicycle Rack with Logo Print

Promotional bike rack printed with logo

Bicycle Stands and Bike Parkers with your Logo

Bicycle racks and bike parkers can be customised exclusively with your logo. This way, the bicycle stand is clearly assigned to your company and used accordingly. Permanently installed outdoors, they effectively present your brand. An ideal measure to raise your profile and attract a large number of people.

The bike racks and display stands have a stable base construction. This is usually made of metal or steel. Depending on the stand, the width, number of compartments and the use as single or double sided vary. In addition, the promotional bicycle stand can be ideally adapted to your corporate image.

With a powder coating in RAL colours, the bicycle parker can match your CI colour. Ensure that your company is recognised from afar. A header sign offers the possibility to communicate your logo and CI outside. Choose between the bike racks with different sized advertising spaces.

Placing Bicycle Racks with Advertising outdoors

The bike racks with advertising space can be flexibly placed outdoors. You can choose a location directly on the wall or freely in front of the shop. By choosing a two-sided or one-sided wheel setting, you can adapt the model to the place of use. This means your customers can park the bikes either from one side only or from both sides.

Our bike parkers have castors that are attached to one side of the base frame. These castors make the bike stands easy to move. In this way, the rack can be set up outside in the morning when the shop opens and stowed inside in the evening. In this way you protect yourself from vandalism or theft, and at the same time you avoid soiling or damage.

In comparison, bike racks with frame rests can be combined to form entire rows and large parking spaces for bicycles. The robust constructions have holes that can be used to attach the parkers to each other. In this way, you can set up entire parking rows in front of your entrance. The heavy constructions defy wind and weather and can be reliably used outdoors all the time.

Bicycle Stands for 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or 12 Bicycles

Adjust the number of parking spaces offered to the size of your business. Depending on the size of the branch or company, you can expect more or fewer cyclists. At best, you should select the promotional bicycle rack based on this number. In this way, you can avoid the annoyance of constantly overcrowded bicycle stands.

Offer employees, customers, patients or visitors the right number of parking spaces. As described above, the bike stands with frame rest can be combined with each other. In addition, you will already find a wide range of different sized bike racks in our assortment.

Discover the right bike stand with advertising space for your company now. Use the respective model to attract attention in the outdoor area. In addition, you offer your visitors the option to park their bikes safely and securely. Choose the right advertising bike stand for your location. Benefit from the effect of such a highly functional advertising medium.
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