You want to be on the safe side and detect counterfeit money directly and quickly? Then the banknote verifiers we offer are just the thing for you. Invest a small amount in a great security service now. There is no faster and safer way to check banknotes.
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Mobile Banknote Validators for your Business

Act with foresight and don't give false twenties, fifties and hundreds a chance in the first place. Decide directly in favour of banknote detectors from our online shop. Especially when it comes to effectively equipping the checkout area, automatic banknote verifiers are a forward-looking option.

With a banknote verifier you can safely and quickly test whether banknotes are genuine or not. We also have devices in our range that check credit cards, passports and other documents for authenticity. Make security a priority for you and your company. Take advantage of our range of fast and reliable note validators.

The various devices can be easily integrated into the workplace and are intuitive to operate. With manual or automatic detection, you reduce counterfeit money. Available updates for new banknotes and suitability for different currencies make the validator a long-term companion. The money detectors use various methods to detect counterfeit money.

Rely on the verification of UV light features, watermarks, microprints and metal threads. In addition to various currencies, passports, credit cards and other identity documents can also be checked. As you can see, our banknote verifiers are not only reliable, but also versatile.

Banknote verifier: Count on extra security

When handling paper money, you want to be safe and not run the risk of putting counterfeit money into circulation. With a reliable banknote validator, you can act with foresight and, for example, reject banknotes that you have checked and which turn out to be counterfeit. Which note validator you choose also depends on how you want to use it.

Our banknote verifiers test EUR banknotes and other currencies for authenticity within 0.3 to 0.5 seconds. With automatic devices, the banknotes are ejected via the front or back. Alternatively, manual devices with warm start technology are available.
Warm start technology: Banknote verifiers with this technology have a three times longer life span. The device automatically goes into standby mode and has an auto-start function. The motion sensor switches it on immediately when a new banknote or ID card is placed.
Choose a banknote verifier with UV lamp. With this device you can check banknotes as well as credit cards, passports and other identification documents. The two UV bulbs of this note validator project twice as much UV light. This significantly improves the visibility of the UV features under normal lighting conditions.

Banknote Verifiers for Manual Inspection

For secure manual banknote checking, place the banknotes under the sensor. The banknote verifier starts automatically and detects the authenticity of the money. These devices also check identity cards, documents or credit cards with their UV light. The warm start technology described above guarantees a long service life.

Automatically check Banknotes

Automatically detect counterfeit money and check banknotes reliably and quickly. The automatic detection type enables flexible insertion of the banknotes. The device recognises the banknote and carries out the check automatically. Finally, you are signalled by signal colour and alarm whether it is counterfeit money.

Banknote Validaor with rechargeable Battery

Note validators with rechargeable batteries are mobile and flexible. An optional rechargeable battery allows you to use the device independently of the nearest power outlet. The compact size and packaging of the machine makes it ideal for use in different places and on different occasions. Discover our testing devices for use on the road!

Update for new Banknotes of different Currencies

Currencies and, in the course of this, banknotes are adapted again and again. Among other things, this also serves to avoid susceptibility to counterfeiting. Thus, the various banknotes of the currencies are adjusted again and again. Of course, these should not pose any problems for your testing device.

We will inform you in case of an update and provide you with the necessary instructions. Simply take the device and connect it to your PC or laptop with the USB cable. Now use your keyboard and mouse as usual to install the update on the device.

If you have any problems or questions about the free updates, we will of course be happy to advise you at any time. However, the operation and installation of the updates is very intuitively designed. In general, these necessary updates do not take place too often. Nevertheless, you can guarantee 100% detection of counterfeit money with the updates.
Banknote verifier connected to laptop via USB port

Banknote detectors: How to recognise counterfeit money

Don't hesitate any longer and equip your company's cash desk area with a high-quality banknote verifier now. Act quickly and with foresight, because possible counterfeit notes cannot be detected with your own eye.

The quality of counterfeit notes is sometimes so high that false notes are very difficult to detect visually. Get yourself a counterfeit note detector with which you can professionally detect possible counterfeit money. Our online shop offers exactly the right selection for you and your business.

A counterfeit money alarm ensures that employees do not have to pay attention to the display of the device. Automatic detection further reduces the workload of your employees. This means you increase security while maintaining productivity. Place the banknote verifier at the cash desk, at events or other turbulent locations.

Particularly in stressful situations, manual note checking can suffer from time pressure. The automatic devices are an optimal alternative. By adding an adding, bundling or counting function, you can make things much easier and ensure smooth processes.

Checking and counting Banknotes with Banknote Counters

In addition to the inspection of banknotes, counting also plays a special role. This is a complex process that is particularly prone to errors. With the help of automatic counting, you can circumvent weaknesses in concentration and ensure greater accuracy. But do you need two different machines now?

With money counting machines, an alarm for incorrect banknotes is part of the basic equipment. This means that these machines offer you checking, adding, bundling and counting of banknotes in one device. The individual models differ in speed and volume. They are therefore reliable counting machines for counting and sorting different currencies.

The banknotes are checked on the basis of size and UV light characteristics. For some models, other features also play a role. Choose a reliable and lightning-fast banknote counting system. Benefit from considerable time savings and high usability thanks to the large LCD display.

Combine a money check directly with a cash counter and maybe even with a currency recognition. Our banknote counters provide you with various advantages, which allow an exact adjustment to your area of application and the counting volume. Replace the printing desk calculator with high quality counting machines. Discover money scales, coin counters and money counters now!
Safescan banknote verifiers, money scales and money counters side by side

Discover the right Money Validator now

Banknote verifiers check banknotes of different currencies and enable a quick detection of counterfeit money. They use different methods for the detection. You can choose between devices with rechargeable battery, 7-fold detection and automatic or manual checking. Discover the right banknote verifier for your use now.

Thanks to updates and long service lives, the devices are long-term aids in the checkout area. In addition, the areas of application extend from retail to trade fairs, events or service providers. In the various areas, the verifiers ensure more security when handling money. The devices may even prevent you from fraud through counterfeit money.

Choose one of our validators now and benefit from its high added value. In case of updates or changes in currencies, we will inform you more reliably about updates. Even beyond that, we will be happy to answer your questions or give you advice on the products.

Use the money checker for different currencies, credit cards or even identity cards. The validation with UV light and other features guarantees you security in your daily work. Guarantee the verification of banknotes even in stressful times. Reduce sources of error and avoid putting counterfeit money into circulation.
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