With money counting machines for notes and banknotes you can count and check money faster and more reliably. Due to their compact size, the banknote counters can be used in the checkout area, at events or mobile. Reduce counting errors and the risk of counterfeit money in circulation. Discover value counters with maximum sorting and counting speed now!
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Banknote Counters for Small and Large Counting Volumes

Use our range of banknote counters to count banknotes in small and larger quantities quickly and efficiently. In addition to an addition and bundling function, most of our models also have a practical counterfeit detection for Euro banknotes. In addition to counting and ordering, a reliable and secure verification takes place.

We have banknote counters for smaller as well as for larger counting volumes. For example, 50, 100 or even 250 banknotes can be stacked in the corresponding compartments. Consider in advance exactly which features the desired banknote counter should have. Then decide on the desired model here online.

Banknote Counters, Money Scales & Validators

Install Cash Counters in the Checkout Area

A cash counter in the checkout area brings enormous relief and time savings in the daily work routine. In addition, you gain a high degree of certainty and security in handling banknotes. The various devices can also be integrated quickly at the point of use and due to their compact size you need little space.

Integrate the banknote cash counter directly in your checkout area and benefit from fast and secure counting. With manual counting, there is a great risk of errors due to carelessness, fatigue or lack of concentration. In this way, discrepancies can quickly arise in the important task of counting money.

This then results in a new count and check, which takes an enormous amount of time. Especially after work, people would rather go home than spend a lot of time counting their receipts. This is where error-free counting with money counting machines comes in.

The machine can also detect soiled or damaged banknotes. In this way, automatic money counting replaces manual counting in a time-saving and cost-reducing way. In addition, the banknotes can be added up and easily bundled.


Money Counter and Verifier in One Unit

With the help of the money counting machines, banknotes can be checked as well as counted. This function ensures that you are on the safe side when handling banknotes. Counterfeit money can be detected directly and reliably. A banknote verifier is a small investment for a big security benefit.

Act with foresight and don't give counterfeit twenties, fifties and hundreds a chance in the first place. Opt directly for money testers from our online shop. Especially when it comes to effectively equipping the checkout area, automatic banknote verifiers are a forward-looking option.

Combine a money check directly with a cash counter and maybe even with a currency recognition. Note counters provide you with several advantages that allow you to precisely match them to your application and counting volume. Add a printing desk calculator, external LCD display or dust cover to your machine.

Automatic Banknote Verifiers for Counterfeit Detection

When handling paper money, you want to be safe and not run the risk of putting counterfeit money into circulation. With a reliable banknote validator, you can act with foresight and, for example, reject banknotes that you have checked and which turn out to be counterfeit. Which banknote validator you choose also depends on the way you use it.

Opt for a cash counter with 100% counterfeit detection. Depending on the device, the models use different features for the check. Our note counters have a 2- to 7-fold counterfeit detection. UV features, watermarks, magnetic ink, infrared features and other characteristics are taken into account. An alarm when counterfeit banknotes are detected ensures that no counterfeit money is left unnoticed.

Count, check and sort Banknotes

As you can see, the cash counters are capable of much more than just counting money. Besides the counting function, you can use many other functions for handling banknotes. These functions for checking, counting, sorting or adding banknotes bring you many advantages. The high added value of the devices makes them attractive for use in various areas.

The banknotes are checked on the basis of size and UV light characteristics. With some models, other features also play a role. Opt for reliable and lightning-fast banknote counting. Benefit from considerable time savings and high usability thanks to a large LCD display.

The LCD display is attached to the cash counter at a convenient reading angle. It convinces with a clear and high-quality layout. Here you can read off the number of notes at any time and also see the total number. The buttons can be used to set the bundling and checking of the notes, among other things.

Note Counter for the Determination of the Cash Sum

Banknote counting machines are used to make it easier to work with or count banknotes. They are used in retail stores, supermarkets, hotels, restaurants and casinos.

The banknote counters facilitate the counting of banknotes in a very decisive way. The result is known in just a few seconds. The Safescan banknote counters are practical counting devices. With a speed of 1000 banknotes per minute, the device is suitable for all currencies.

An alarm for wrong banknotes is also standard equipment here, as is the addition and bundling function. Choose models for small, medium to large counting volumes. The various money counters optionally recognise other currencies in addition to Euro banknotes.

This Safescan 2210-S money counting machine is suitable for a volume of 300 banknotes. The machine stops and gives an alarm in case of a suspected counterfeit banknote. Remove the banknote and press Start to continue counting. The item is a reliable counting machine for Euro banknotes and optionally other currencies.
By using cleaning cards you ensure the best possible performance of your machine. The water-based cards are used to clean your banknote counters. Especially banknotes that are in circulation for a long time bring a lot of dust and dirt with them. Regular cleaning guarantees the long-term use and cleanliness of the machine.

Cleaning Cards for Banknote Counter

Load Updates for different Currencies via USB Cable

Changes to currencies and banknotes occur time and again via the European Central Bank. These are usually adapted in order to be better and better protected against counterfeiting. To ensure that your banknote counter and verifier is always up to date, use updates. These can easily be carried out for the respective device.

In the event of an update, you will receive a notification from us prompting you to update. You can carry out the update using an SD card. Alternatively, you can connect the cash counter to your laptop or PC with a USB cable. Now you can easily update the device.

The programme is intuitive to use and we are happy to answer any questions you may have about updates. Choose a banknote counter that can always be adapted to new developments. Use the device in the long term for cash counting in your business.

Banknote Counting Machines in all Variations

Counting money quickly and reliably is what the various cash counters allow you to do. The integrated detection of counterfeit money and recognition of currencies make the devices attractive for many areas. Now you too can save working time and costs by using an automatic cash counter. Use the device at events, at trade fairs, in the gastronomy or in your retail branch.

Choose the right model for your location. In addition to the speed of the device, the features also play a major role in the check. Benefit from the adding, bundling, checking and counting functions. Experience the easy and intuitive handling of note counters including the best readable LCD display.

Checking devices will make your everyday work much easier. They count and sort the required amount of cash quickly and safely with modern, advanced technology. The aspect of counterfeit detection is also covered by most of the models offered here at the same time.

Find out more about the versatile orientation and simple application of the banknote counters. Order affordable money counting machines online now.
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