You can find them in every supermarket and discount store: Checkout Dividers! These items (also called next customer bars, dividers at chashout or grocery checkout bars) help to clearly separate the purchases of different customers. This improves clarity for customers and cashiers on the checkout conveyor. This ensures a smooth checkout process.
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Strong Branding Effect and Widely Used: Checkout Divider Bars in Retail

Originally, checkout dividers (also called next customer dividers, dividers at checkout or grocery divider bars) were used with an imprint "next customer please". The first advertising on the dividers was in 2008, and since then many people have seen the advertising on these practical aids every day.

Ever since the invention, the often underestimated dividers have become an indispensable part of retail environment and the buying process. Because without the divider bars, there would be both a mess and a longer waiting time. And who likes to go shopping in a shop without order and with long waiting times?

With our range, you easily and visibly separate customers' purchases. Every customer has to separate the goods from the next purchase after they have made their purchases. As a result, he or she comes into direct contact with at least one checkout divider. Every single one of your customers looks at your advertising at least once. Where can customer loyalty or advertising be done better?

Take advantage of any waiting times at the checkout conveyor belt. The bar-like structures are ideal for attracting customers' attention at the checkout. Catch the many glances at the divider bars with effective advertising. You can advertise your own market or web shop or promote various products with the help of these checkout dividers.

Equipped with a slogan or appealing graphics, you can draw attention to discounts, promotions or special services. Alternatively, the advertising spaces can also be used as an effective area for information. In addition to pointing out the possible payment methods, it is also possible to communicate hygiene standards or inform people about changes in opening hours.

Straight Prisms, as triangular or square Bars

The classic next customer dividers are mostly used in the form of straight prisms with either a triangular or rectangular structure. As triangular or square bars, they are usually manufactured with a length of 30 cm. And they come in a wide range of variants.

The checkout shopping divider "Construct" is a classic product made of silver anodised aluminium. This square model is made of silver anodised aluminium. A true classic, direct from the manufacturer.

Our checkout shopping divider "Wato" is particularly eye-catching. It can be fitted with advertising twice. Thanks to the integrated fixing technology, the advertising media can be changed in seconds without tools.

The aluminium next customer divider bar also comes in a classic triangular shape on the conveyor belt. This product separator has a pattern-protected fixing technology in the end caps. This allows the advertising media to be changed in a matter of seconds without tools. Protect your advertising media with the practical U-pocket.

No matter whether you choose a divider with or without advertising. Special dimensions and customisations are possible from 1 piece due to our own in-house production.

Checkout Divider with unique Print

You too can take advantage of our versatile range of different checkout dividers to optimally equip the checkout area in your business premises. So you can create attractive eye-catchers. They also create order on the checkout conveyor belt and make the process easier for customers and employees.

Optionally extendable with printable advertising inserts, the checkout dividers are effective advertising media with a high attention value. Customers pick them up again and again and pass them on. You too can have your checkout dividers printed and branded with your logo or slogan - we look forward to your enquiry.
In addition to the next customer divider bars, there are many other articles to equip your checkout area in the best possible way. Take a look at the many other products for your point of purchase here.
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