The coin counters and sorters make it easy to handle coins of different currencies. With a speed of 220 to 500 coins per minute, euros, pences or centimes are determined. Afterwards, the counted coins are accurately sorted. Reduce the risk of errors and save valuable time.
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Coin Counters: Important Tools for Settlement

With a coin counter, previously time-consuming and thus cost-intensive processes can be made more effective. The device supports you in counting and sorting small change. While banknote counters check and count banknotes, a coin counter does this for the different coins. The result is a lower risk of errors and faster recording as well as tidying of the money.

The relief that a coin counter brings to everyday work can be used for various areas. Both in accounting at the end of a shift and in counting the value of receipts at events. Lack of concentration at late hours and after work increases the risk of miscounting.

If you miscount once, you usually start to question the entire count. This can lead to a lot of time being spent on counting cash again. The coin counter ensures a safe and reliable count and does it in no time. Enable corporate cash counting now at speeds of up to 500 coins per minute.
Example of the Use of a Coin Counter:
As an organisation or company, you run a large public festival in your city. As the person responsible for the finances, you are supposed to count the receipts after work and correct the stock for the next day in the cash register. It is late, you have worked long hours and want to get home quickly before the festival and work continue tomorrow.

Now you take the receipts out of the cash boxes and divide between banknotes and coins. You run the banknotes through a banknote cash counter. Due to the high counting volume of the machines, you are done within a very short time. A thermal printer can record the individual counting steps in writing.

You feed the coin money into the coin sorter and counter. In a few minutes, you will have the total receipts for the day without any errors or silly miscalculations. Then you divide the carefully sorted small change back among the cash registers. Finally, you stow away the cash boxes, the receipts and equipment and go into your well-deserved evening.
Safescan coin counters and sorters with coin tubes

Create Coin Rolls with a Coin Sorter

You want to use the sorting of the coins to create coin rolls directly? Counting and sorting the coins means that you will have sorted the individual types neatly within a very short time. You can now stack the coins from the tray to create new coin rolls again.

This is made easier by tubes that catch the coins directly and stack them accurately. This eliminates another manual effort for you, which costs unnecessary time. You receive the Safescan coin counter 1250 for Euro coins including the practical coin tubes.

When the coin tube is full, the device stops so that you can remove the coins. You can also set exact quantities for bundling coins. Now use the sorter to create coin rolls directly and easily.

How does the Coin Sorter and Counter work?

The devices in our range have both a counting and a sorting function. How do these functions work and make a safe and reliable calculation possible? These functions are based on the fact that each coin has its own thickness and diameter. On this basis, the individual coin types are sorted into the different bins.

During the sorting process, sensors and a rotation system are also used to ensure that the individual types are placed correctly. In this way, a precise division of the different coins takes place within the machine. As the coins go through this process, the individual coins are counted with the help of sensors.

A dual system with sensors checks the physical and optical properties of the coins. This counts the individual coins that end up in the respective collection bin. The number is simultaneously shown on the easy-to-read LED display.

Intuitive LED Display

When counting the coins, you always have an overview of the current values thanks to the easy-to-read LED display. The current value of your receipts is displayed here in large, eye-catching digits. With the help of a practical receipt printer, you can record the individual values exactly. This keeps your receipts well documented and allows you to file them neatly.

The intuitive user interface is located in the immediate vicinity of the display. With the help of the various keys, you stop and start the unit or set the desired bundles. In this way, the unit can be adapted exactly to your requirements for a cash counter and your settlement.

Money Counter for Coins of Different Currencies

Compared to money counting machines, coin counters do not recognise the different currencies independently. This means you cannot use one machine for several currencies at the same time. For this purpose, various models for Swiss centimes, English pences or, of course, euro coins are available in our shop.

As already mentioned in the operation of the devices, the machine sorts the coins according to thickness and diameter. Thus, the holes for sorting and the coin rolls of a EUR cash counter are ideally adapted to the size of the EUR currency. Which currency do you deal with in your daily work? On this basis, choose the right coin counter for your branch, your company or the event in question.

Do you come into contact with different currencies in your daily work? Do you want to check the value of coins from different countries? A money scale can be used for different currencies and can therefore be used flexibly.

Money Scales: Silently Counting Coins by Weight

A money scale determines the value and the number of banknotes and coin money via the respective weight. You define the type of coin or banknote beforehand, place your takings on the scale and you get the number and value of the money. This type of cash counter can be used for different currencies. In case of the introduction of new banknotes, free updates bring your money scale up to date.

This way it can be used long-term as well as mobile in different countries. The optional rechargeable battery allows you to count money on the go. Moreover, counting is almost noiseless and comfortable. Discover the money scales in our online shop now!
Money scales for weighing and counting money

Deciding on a Coin Counter - this is how it's done!

Coin counters facilitate the counting and sorting of coinage in your everyday work. With a high capacity and a special speed, your coins are counted and sorted within a short time. Shorten long working days by making accounting easier with the help of coin counters. New coin rolls can also be made quickly and easily with the device.

The robust coin sorters and counters have a long service life. They can be used in the checkout area for a long time or, thanks to their compact size, they are easy to transport. Choose the right coin counter for your currency and the desired hopper capacity. We will be happy to advise you further on the various functions of the Safescan coin counters.
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