A money scale counts coins and banknotes reliably, based on the dynamic weighing function. With such a scale, you opt for a quick and effective aid in determining cash totals. The scale determines the exact amount within seconds, while the adding function takes care of the summing up.
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Cash Scales for Accurate and Fast Cash Counting

Money scales are versatile devices for weighing and determining the exact amount of banknotes or coinage. Money scales are mostly used to determine smaller amounts of money and are often used in retail. Here they are used to determine subtotals or to carry out the daily closing.

The money scales, which are operated by battery or power cable, usually weigh each individual coin or banknote unit and then calculate the quantity and value based on the weight. The mobile use and the suitability for different currencies make the use in various areas attractive. Used on site, the automatic cash counter saves you considerable effort.

Such a scale is a truly complete solution for counting money. Count coins, banknotes, coin rolls or vouchers. You have to set the weight of the vouchers beforehand, but afterwards the device can also be used for this. Use the range of money scales to determine the right amount when counting banknotes, coins and co.

Counting and adding Money: Settlement with a Money Scale

You sell products at a trade fair and want to make a statement of the day's takings afterwards? The compact Safescan money scale 6185 fits easily into your pocket. It can be operated with the powerful rechargeable battery. After the end of the sale, you want to do the daily accounting quickly.

Due to the many visitors, you are exhausted and want to go home quickly. You are glad that you can now count the notes and coins quickly and reliably with the scale. First you place the notes in bundles on the weighing surface and read the amounts on the LED display. Thanks to the adding function, you can read off a subtotal at any time.

You count coins by always placing one type of coin in the container on the scale. Since you are also using a Safescan cash drawer, the containers from the cash register are very easy to put on. At the end, you enter the cash balance to be deducted from the receipts. The corresponding thermal printer will now print out the statement.

Finally, stow away the scale, which weighs only 1.2 kg, and go home for a well-deserved rest. You will be pleased to see how quickly the settlement has been made.
Money scale with connected thermal printer

Automatic Value Tracking for your Receipts

Counting money by hand is prone to errors, not reliable and takes a lot of time. The time required can quickly increase due to a lack of concentration after hours or a heavy workload. This results not only in frustration for staff, but also in increased costs.

This is in contrast to automatic value counting with cash counters, coin counters and money scales. Thanks to high-quality technology, the devices are 100% reliable and also versatile. For you, this means that the accounting is not only done in the shortest possible time, but also correctly and in an orderly manner.

While banknote counters are used for counting banknotes, coin counters help to count and sort coins. Money scales, on the other hand, can be used for both paper money and coin money. They are a complete solution for counting money and also offer various other options.

Benefit from the adding function, a money counting software, the easy-to-read LED display or the possibility to count vouchers as well. Use it now for different currencies and calculate sums 100% correctly! The only thing you have to do is deposit the money on the scale.

Safescan Money Scale, Coin Counter & Banknote Verifier

Count Coins, Notes & Coin Rolls with Money Scales

Besides note counters, money scales are very popular and often used tools to determine an exact amount of cash. The various scales convince with their easy handling and the particularly easy-to-read LED display. The modern money scales count banknotes, banknote bundles, coins as well as coin rolls.

For accurate counting, it is equipped with a dynamic weighing function. In addition, many other banknotes and coins can be counted besides the € currency. Depending on the model, the devices are suitable for a wide range of currencies. In case of a new banknote, we will inform you about free updates for your scales.
To update the model, simply connect it to your computer via a USB cable. Now you can update the money scale and also use it to count new banknotes. By updating the cash counter, you ensure that it always remains accurate and reliable.
Equally versatile is the Safescan money scale 6165, which counts the contents of a till in no time. This versatile money scale counts coins and banknotes and provides each count with a reference number and a time stamp.

In addition, the BANK function can be used to deduct the initial cash amount. In this way you can find out immediately and at the touch of a button the actual income generated. Cash determination can hardly work any more practically and conveniently.

The Basic Equipment for Your Checkout Area

You too can save valuable time and leave the counting of receipts or a cash sum to a money scale. This leaves you more time for your day-to-day business and you can also rely on a reliable cash count. Provide your employees with a reliable tool in the checkout area.

With the money scales offered online here, you have ultra-modern models at your disposal. Within a short time, they will count your entire cash balance. And if you want to be sure that you haven't caught any "counterfeits" before counting, you can use a banknote verifier. The perfect basic equipment for your checkout area - here in the online shop.
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