Cash dishes and cash trays are small plates or trays at the checkout. They often contain advertising print to draw attention to special discount promotions or services. These inconspicuous but very helpful items can be found at the point of sale. Choose an item from our online range and contribute to hygiene in the checkout area.
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Money trays: Strong impact at the checkout

VKF Renzel offers many possibilities to complete your checkout area. As a point of purchase, the checkout area plays a particularly important role. At the checkout, order should be maintained and any waiting times should be shortened. There are many small aids with a big effect.

A checkout divider keeps order on the checkout conveyor and is at the same time a well-used advertising space. A price list holder reduces waiting times and improves your service. If the products are not labelled, a glance at the flip display helps and the checkout can go on.

Another aid of this kind are cash dishes also called cash trays. These change trays are not only found in retail, but also in petrol stations or pubs. They ensure order in the checkout area and at the same time contribute to hygiene.

The tray prevents unwanted physical contact during the payment process. In addition, there are no cent or euro coins rolling around. Not only employees but also customers will thank you for placing a change tray. In everyday life, people come into contact with a variety of bacteria.

Especially in times of flu epidemics or other illnesses, it is important to avoid unnecessary transmission of droplets and bacteria. By using cash trays, you enable customers and staff to avoid contact. In this way, you create a sense of well-being and possibly also relief.

Cash Dish with advertising for your checkout area

Similar to a checkout shopping dividers, change trays or cash dishes also offer additional advertising space in the area of the cash register. The trays are placed centrally in front of or near the cash register. Most cash trays offer space for a paper insert. This can be quickly exchanged and adapted to current offers or promotions.

The central position of the item ensures that the customer effectively engages with the advertising in the cash dish. His gaze inevitably falls on the currently displayed advertising message. You can use the advertising space flexibly. Point out loyalty programmes and promotions or use the insert for a branding effect.

Alternatively, the insert can of course be used to communicate various information in the long term. The design of the paper inlay is at your discretion and can be implemented in line with your corporate design. Print out your design and insert it into the change tray at short notice. The whole process is uncomplicated and can be implemented in just a few steps.

Depending on the cash tray, you can choose between different insert formats for your advertising inserts. Decide between a cash dish with separate usable and advertising space and those with a uniform surface. Use the practical change trays not only to make things easier in the checkout area. Make full use of the potential of the cash tray with advertising to promote your offers or services!

Cash Dishes tailored to your needs

Are you looking for a suitable cash tray for the checkout area in your business premises? Here you will find various types of this item, which is very common in everyday business. We offer change trays with a slide-in bar for advertising inserts, those with counter protection buffers or models with a milled out cash recess.

What do you expect from a classic cash tray? The first thought when hearing this word is probably a rounded tray with rubber feet. The acrylic cash dish for paper inserts fulfils exactly these expectations. The paper inserts can be slid in from the side, while the rubber feet prevent them from slipping.

The "Sorbus" change tray has a simpler design. The article made of 6 mm acrylic fits into any environment thanks to its discreet appearance. The tray has stylish edges instead of a milled money recess.

To make the most of the advertising character of a cash tray, it is advisable to use one with an extra large advertising area. The change tray for paper inserts consists largely of advertising space. It also has a rounded compartment for coins and banknotes.

The above-mentioned articles and many other cash dishes are used in different places. Apart from classic shops, the cash trays are also a popular part of the equipment in public institutions or snack bars.

One location - many possibilities

The many different articles in our range can be adapted even more precisely to your wishes on request. As the manufacturer of many of these articles, we can already adapt your customer wishes during production.

Thanks to our in-house print shop and various printing techniques, it is also possible to print on our articles. By placing a slogan or logo, your cash tray becomes an eye-catcher at the sales counter.

We would be happy to produce an item entirely according to your ideas. Just ask for your cash dish without obligation!

Other articles for use at the checkout are also available online. In addition to the aids described above, banknote varifiers or cash drawers are also a fixed and useful component at the checkout. Discover our large assortment for your checkout area.

Example of use of a change tray for pubs
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