Turntables are mainly used for the presentation of goods. The products placed on them attract attention through movement. They are used especially in shop windows to show goods from all sides and to stop passers-by. We have a wide range of electric turntables in our assortment with different load capacities and rotation speeds.
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Always on the move: versatile turntables

Are you looking for the right turntable for a function, event, shop window or counter area? Or do you want to present certain products in a different context in an eye-catching way - and preferably from many different perspectives? Then find out now about our range of turntables, which are distinguished by their different load capacities. From turntables with a possible maximum centric load of 5 kg to particularly robust turntables that can withstand a load of up to 500 kg, everything can be found online with us. Our revolving platforms are characterised by the fact that they can be placed very flexibly and independent of location. Decide now here for the model that best suits the requirements of your products.


Present your Products at every turn

Would you like to show a mannequin in an attractive 360 degree presentation? Or would you like to show off certain products such as shoes or jewellery in an even more varied way on a turntable? Then use our turntables as practical presentation aids for articles and goods of all kinds. The 10 kg turntable, for example, is a classic for shop windows or counters. With 2.5 rotations per minute, this turntable with a flange diameter of 124 mm offers exactly the right surface to present the product to a large audience in a promotionally effective way. Or should the turntable withstand a greater load? Then, for example, the 50 kg turntable or the 500 kg turntable would be a suitable choice. With some models in our online offer, such as the turntables, you can also choose between different centric loads. Consider exactly how heavy and large the products to be presented are and then decide on the appropriate turntable.


Various Selection Criteria for Your Turntable

The choice of a suitable turntable always depends on the size and weight of the product you want to present on it. You should also consider the diameter of the standing area of the turntable and the power supply, as most turntables are electric. In addition to the weight and power supply, you should also consider the height and width of the products to be presented. Especially with larger and taller products, the maximum load capacity can always change due to the lever principle. You should keep this aspect in mind as well as the rotation speed. If you have any questions about individual aspects of the turntables, we will be happy to advise you.
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