With wicker baskets and display baskets, you can showcase your products attractively and in a natural way. The woven baskets are available in different sizes. Score points with your customers with a natural presentation of your goods. Discover the right wicker basket or display basket for your range now.
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Presenting Products Attractively in a Wicker Basket

Wickerwork is used for storage and presentation of different product groups. They can be found on counters, in displays or freely placed in the salesroom. At the respective place of use, they serve a natural product presentation. At the same time, as decorative merchandise dispenser, they make a positive contribution to the shop design and shopping atmosphere.

As more and more people are aiming to buy goods unpackaged, baskets are also being used more again. Baked goods or fruit and vegetables can be presented unpackaged in the woven wicker or polyrattan baskets. With this type of merchandise display and the offer of unpacked products, you can score points with your customers.

With the various wicker baskets, you can rely on a natural presentation of goods. This not only helps you to make a positive impression on your customers. In addition, you can address new target groups with a wicker basket and a natural promotion of your goods.

More and more people are paying attention to the environmentally conscious commitment of companies. Fitting out the shop accordingly is definitely part of this. At the same time, baskets made of solid willow or natural willow create a pleasant atmosphere in the salesroom. They impress with a robust and natural look that blends in with any shop interior.

Use of Wicker Baskets:

✓ helps to present goods in a natural way
✓ suitable for various goods and areas of application
✓ baskets can avoid repackaging in retail outlets
✓ particularly suitable for unpackaged goods
✓ appealing appearance has an effect on buying behaviour
✓ easy and flexible to place
✓ natural enhancement of the interior

Different Baskets for your Goods

In our online shop you can choose from a wide range of different baskets. Choose between different materials and different sizes. The different wicker baskets are used in bakeries, farm or organic shops or petrol stations. In principle, any goods can be displayed in the respective basket display.

Classically, the wicker baskets are used in round or square shape for product presentation. Depending on the size of the baskets, they are more or less suitable for certain products. Fill the baskets with products from your range. Place the baskets on your counter or place them in your display.

By positioning them on the counter or on display racks, the goods are at an optimal viewing height. The counter baskets and display baskets also attract the attention of customers and visitors. The appealing presentation of the products encourages impulse buying and can thus have a positive effect on sales.

In addition to their use as merchandise displays, wicker baskets can also be used in other areas. For example, a buffet in hotels or restaurants can be visually enhanced with baskets. Especially when presenting food, the natural presentation in baskets symbolises freshness and regionality.

Another area of use for baskets is the well-known sample basket or gift basket. These baskets are often filled with different goods and given to customers, employees and business partners for birthdays, as a thank you or promotional gift. The gift baskets, which can be put together individually, are very popular with different target groups.

Basket Displays for an Environmentally Conscious Product Presentation

With the various baskets, there is a choice between natural or artificial materials. Artificial materials such as polyrattan or plastic wicker are hygienically washable. Natural materials such as solid willow, natural willow or split willow score points because they are made from naturally renewable raw materials. Both types of baskets help to reduce repackaging in the trade.

In addition to the natural display baskets, you can use shopping baskets made of natural materials. A matching shopping basket or other natural elements in your business will enhance the natural effect of the basket displays. Ensure an environmentally conscious image of your company. We will be happy to help you choose the right willow basket for your range.
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