In this category you will find our wide range of practical aluminium and polystyrene cases in many different colours and shapes. The cases are ideal for safe transport or for the presentation of goods. They are characterised by their functionality and simplicity.
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Cases made of aluminium, plastic and acrylic

Most people use suitcases when they travel. Sturdy aluminium suitcases are popular because they are dimensionally stable and the clothes stored in them are still "in shape" after transport. Our aluminium suitcases can also be used for the protected transport of high-quality and sensitive products thanks to the inserted grid foam panels.

Plastic suitcases can also be used in many different ways. If they are also mainly used by business travellers for the protected storage of business papers and files, they can also be used as a "mobile office with a handle". Stamps, account books, pens, calculators, everything finds its place here - very practical!

When it comes to the presentation of goods, suitcases made of clear acrylic are a good choice. You can find them here in different sizes. The pretty look of the small acrylic cases attracts attention. Or the practical little mini cases made of coloured PP, which hold and protect your business cards? Not everyone has that! That is why they are often given away as presents. On request, we can print the cases made of plastic or acrylic for you.

Do you have questions about our cases? Call us, we will be happy to advise you!
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