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Smartphones and tablets are high-value everyday items. Unfortunately, they are also very sensitive. A smartphone stand, popularly known as a mobile phone stand, solves the problem of safe storage and optimal product presentation in equal measure.  The articles made of crystal-clear acrylic or polystyrene provide a secure stand without covering the product. The smartphone stands are also ideally suited for placement in a display case. We produce various tablet displays for tablets. They serve as information stands at the PoS, at exhibitions, museums and public spaces. We will be happy to advise you on any questions you may have about the products and any merchandise protection that may be required.

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Mobile Phone & Tablet Holders From VKF Renzel

All of our smartphone holers and tablet displays are manufactured from high quality materials and are made to a very high standard. 


Our Tablet Holder is a great product. It has a sloped angle so it creates the perfect viewing point and with a anti slip material on the oustide of the holder it stops your tablet from sliding of. 


The Smartphone Display is another great product with a competitve price and the stylish look it works great for holding your mobile phone on your desk. Choose from white, black and clear.


View our range and order securely online or contact our sales team and we will be happy to hep you.

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